HBM Reviews: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

Oh, hey you guys. It's been a while, because Thanksgiving happened. We had some good times, we had some bad. But now I have to do this review. So sit down in that chair o'yours and read this shit that I've typed up for you people. Because I ain't paying you for nothing, you know (just kidding, why would I pay you assholes).

Okay, so Super Smash Bros. was really popular, right? And so are a bunch of games on the Playstations. Well, throw those in a blender and you get this here game.

Basically, there is no plot. Just Playstation characters fighting in each others worlds, as those are being invaded by other worlds. The only things even resembling a story are the brief cutscenes in the Arcade mode, which are different for each character.

The gameplay is surprisingly different from Smash Bros. You jump with X and attack with the other three face buttons. Moving is the D-Pad/L-Stick, throwing is the R-Stick. Grabbing items is R1, blocking/dodging is L1. L2 is Taunting, and R2 is using your Super, which is how you kill people. To use your Super, you have to attack or take AP orbs until your Super meter is filled. There are 3 levels of Super, and the higher the Level, the more useful the Super generally is.

There are 3 play modes, Time (get the most kills in the time limit), Stock (take out all the enemies' lives), and Kills (get a certain number of kills). The main game modes are Arcade (self-explanatory to all gamers), Tutorial, Combat Trials (perform the required task), Tournament (Online), and Versus (Whatever the fuck you want).

As you play as characters, they Rank Up, and as they Rank Up, you get Unlockables. These range from Icons, Backgrounds, and Titles for you online card, Minions (little cheerleaders for your character), and Costumes, Taunts, Intros, Outros, and Victory Music for your characters.

Overall, I'd say this is a great game. There's just enough to do, though the game is a tad empty. Of course, it may be the first in a series, so don't be too let down!

HBM, signing out!

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