HBM Reviews: Wreck-It Ralph

I bet none of you are shocked by the fact that I saw this movie. I mean, come on, it's pretty much one of the biggest video game movies EVER. And it's made by Disney to boot! It would be a crime to not see this amazingness! In fact, if you haven't seen this hotness yet, you are forbidden to read the rest of this review until you do (although none of you will let that stop you from reading this, will it?)! Okay, assuming you've actually seen the movie, let's go.

The story of the movie focuses around an arcade where all the game characters have their own lives when it's closed. The main character, Wreck-It Ralph, is the villain of an 80's game called Fix-It Felix Jr. However, after 30 years of no praise and being fed up with Felix getting all the recognition, Ralph decides he'll get a medal to prove he can be just as great as him. So he starts jumping between games to prove himself, which leads to the Fix-It Felix Jr. arcade cabinet getting put out of order and in danger of being thrown out. To prevent this, Felix goes after Ralph to get him back before the arcade opens the next day.

I feel that the original characters all did their jobs perfectly. While I do think Ralph was a bit too sympathetic and greedy, it did suit the movie great. The characters in Hero's Duty served as great contrasts to the rest of the cast, being more "recent" and gritty, and the Sugar Rush characters were all adorable (except King Candy. He was more wacky than anything). All of the cameos were well integrated, and I like that most of the non-original characters got to keep their current voices*. My favorite cameo was probably Sonic the Hedgehog's little PSA-message thing in the game station.

Obviously, there were some things that could have been better in the movie. Some cameos weren't milked to their full extent (the Villains' Anonymous meeting, Sonic, Ryu and Ken) and some were just in passing (Chun-Li and Cammy got a second or two of screentime, and I couldn't see Blanka anywhere, even though the internet says he was in this). However, the twists at the end and the climax itself more than helped with all of that.

Overall, this movie was amazing, but what do you expect from a Disney movie littered with actual video game character cameos? It wasn't as good as I expected, but still, like the critics and internet have been saying, it's an instant classic. I totally recommend it.

HBM, signing out.
*The only exceptions to this are Kano from Mortal Kombat and Zangief (Pronounced Zahn-GEEF in this movie for whatever reason) from Street Fighter.

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