HBM's Top Ten Bonus Bosses

Well, here I am, back with another Top Ten list. I really like doing these, but I also know I do them too frequently. Oh well, I can't help who I am. Well, as you can see, it's top ten Bonus Bosses this time. Same rules as always, only one boss per series, and I have to have played the game they're from. Be wary of spoilers. Let's do this!
#10: Panthera Cantus (The World Ends With You)

After a grueling session through Pork City and those fucking pigs, it was so satisfying to get to this guy... then get raped repeatedly until I eventually won by luck. Thankfully, once you beat him, you can skip right to him, which is nice.

#9: Gear REX (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)

Peace Walker is definitely one of the best Metal Gear games out there, so it makes sense it would have some kickass bonus bosses. But who expected A FUCKING ORGANIC VERSION OF METAL GEAR REX?!?! With some awesome attacks, a shitload of health, and an awesome premise, this is one of the best Metal Gear bosses PERIOD.

#8: Giga Bowser (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

This thing scared the shit out of me when I first found out of it, but it's still really cool. I think the only things I hate about this fight are the facts that he has insane power and resistance to knockback until he's at about 250% damage. Other than that, FUCKING AWESOME.

#7: Oni (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition)

Considering Akuma's my favorite Street Fighter character, Crapcom seemed to be granting my wishes when they created Oni, his powered up form. Far more badass, far more powerful... far more cheap. But still amazing.

#6: Kratos (Shovel Knight)

This fight is obviously a Playstation-exclusive, but it's still pretty awesome! If you go to a secret room in the Hall of Champions, you can find another secret in there: A map with the God of War logo on it! When you get it, you can find Kratos roaming the map, and he's frikkin awesome! He uses his combos from his home series, he can knock you against the pillars, and when he takes enough damage, he goes apeshit and starts throwing sections of the pillars at you!

Then, when it seems like you beat him, you have to actually fight him again, on top of the falling pillars! And when you beat him, you get the Gravedigger's Shovel, which, if you give it to the armorer, becomes the Armor of Chaos! The Armor of Chaos turns you attacks into Kratos' combos, which is pretty cool! Overall, this is a pretty badass boss fight!

#5: Bass.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network series)


Bass has always been my favorite Mega Man character, in both Classic and Battle Network forms. Part of the reason for that is how over-the-top powerful he is. The fights against him in the Battle Network really exemplify this, and he seems to gain some new moves with each game, evolving to keep ahead of the less skilled players, and that's pretty badass.

#4: The Past Gym Leaders/Champions (Pokemon Black 2/White 2)

Yes, I know this is cheating, and I know the video only shows 3 of the opponents. I don't care, this is fucking awesome. No matter how cheap these guys are, it's undeniably amazing to be able to take on (almost) all of the past Gym Leaders and Champions! Game Freak, you have earned those billions you made.

#3: Galacta Knight (Kirby's Return to Dream Land)

Okay, thanks to Super Star Ultra, Galacta Knight was already cemented in my mind as an Ultra Badass. So I fangasmed when I fought him in Return to Dream Land and HE WAS MORE BADASS THAN BEFORE. Galacta Knight needs to be a regular member of the Kirby cast. Seriously.

#2: Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts 2)

You should have seen this coming, because he's a pretty obvious choice. The overpowering attacks, the theme, the MASSIVE HP. Sephiroth is so badass, but I bet you're wondering who could top Sephiroth? You'll see...

#1: Feral Chaos (Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy)

Yeah, I know he's technically the True Final Boss, but he's part of an optional Story mode, so I count him as bonus. He takes forever to get to, he has so much HP, and he has the most awesome battle theme in the history of anything ever. Seriously, Feral Chaos should be on ALL Top Ten Bonus Bosses lists!

Well, that's that. I'm going to go back to being overly bored due to hype from PSASBR.

HBM, signing out.

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