What Happened In Bleach During The Hurricane

Okay guys, you know how Hurricane Sandy recently happened, knocking out power for days here at the East Coast? Well, during that time, I was unable to watch/recap Bleach, so I'm going to just give a brief summary of what happened in those two episodes.

Basically, all that happened was Starrk finally released (had to combine with Lilynette for this), he fought a bit with Kyoraku and Ukitake, Wonderweiss and his giant pet booger showed up, his scream freed Hallibel and cleared the smoke around Barragan (not dead, by the way) and the fire around Aizen's trio, he one-shotted Ukitake, Starrk brought down Kyoraku, and the Visoreds showed up. That's it. Nothing big... wait a minute...

Well, that's it, really. Yup, nothing too big. This week's recap will be up as scheduled.

HBM, signing out!

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