Disney/Pixar Movies That Should Be Kingdom Hearts Worlds

Hello, people of the internet, and early-Merry Christmas! I've been thinking lately about some of my favorite Disney movies and how few of them are actually represented in the Kingdom Hearts series. I mean, sure, most, if not all, of the worlds in the KH games are based on great movies already, but there are some certain movies that still need to be put into the series. And that's what this post is about. So, here are the Disney/Pixar movies I personally believe should be put into Kingdom Hearts, and why.

Toy Story

Okay, Toy Story is a very clear choice to be on this list due to it's status as pretty much the greatest CG film/series ever made. That much is clear. But let's look at the potential it could have in Kingdom Hearts. First of all, you have three different movies to choose from when it comes to storyline, and with those movies comes a nice variety of areas to explore: Andy's House, Pizza Planet, Sid's House, Al's Toy Barn, Al's Apartment, the Airport, the daycare, and the dump (and maybe more?). Also, imagine Sora, Donald, Goofy, Kairi, and/or Riku as little action figures/toys! Just how amazing/adorable would that be?!?! Plus, you could have Woody and/or Buzz helping you take out enemies!! Just... do this, Square.

Now, there's also no shortage of boss battle possibilities here as well. I would think if they're going for a Toy Story 1 plot, the possible bosses could be Buzz (under Andy's Mom's van), The Claw(?) in Pizza Planet, and Sid in his backyard (make him have a mental breakdown instead of being scared or something? I dunno). For a Toy Story 2 story, possible bosses could be Imposter Buzz/Buzz #2 (in Al's Toy Barn), Zurg (in the elevator shaft), and Pete the Prospector (on the conveyer belt). Toy Story 3 bosses could include the Cymbal Monkey and Lotso. I can't really think of much more, unless a huge toy-themed Heartless (or whatever) attacks the world of Toy Story. The keyblade for this world would be kind of Lego/Megablocks made.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This movie is a fucking masterpiece. I loved it as a kid, and I love it more now. I would think in terms of locations, the huge submarine would be some sort of hub to travel to different locations quicker (When it comes to the Leviathan attack, it could get fixed after you beat the world). Obviously, Atlantis would be a major part of the world (probably 55-70% of the world), and the caves and volcano would have to appear. Maybe Milo could be an assist character, using makeshift sciencey-type stuff to attack enemies?

When it comes to bosses, the Leviathan could be like a shoot-em-up minigame, the "pyreflies" could form into a huge makeshift monster that you defeat, and clearly, the end boss would be Rourke (before or after crystallization, doesn't matter. Maybe it happens partway into the battle?). This world's keyblade would be inspired by the designs of the flyers form the end of the movies and/or the Atlantean crystals.

The Emperor's New Groove

Same with Atlantis, I just love this movie. It's just amazing. But I'm not here to gush. When it comes to locations, I think the palace, Pacha's village, and the forest would be pretty good. I would think the extra party member would be Pacha, with Llama-Kuzco acting as an assist for him, appearing during certain attacks and his limit break.

Potential bosses could be the jaguars that attack Kuzco (you battle a certain number, then retreat, you get to a certain point, rinse repeat), some kind of Heartless summoned by Yzma's hatred of Kuzco (when you're almost at the palace), and Kitty-Yzma. The keyblade you get here could be inspired by Kuzco's palace and llamas.

Monster's Inc.

What, you thought I forgot this greatness? Okay, so I se the playable characters being turned into monsters for this world, so nobody freaks out at the sight of them. The locations would mostly be inside the actual Monster's Inc. building, there'd be a bit of the city to explore, including Mike and Sully's apartment room, the place where the Abominable Snowman was banished to, and in the area with all the doors, it would be kind of like the various windows in Timeless River, all being interconnected. Obviously, the party member here would be Sully, seeing as Mike is a bit too weak and cowardly to attack stuff on purpose.

Bosses would probably include some kind of monster heartless (toward the beginning, spreading mass panic and mayhem), Randall, and Mr. Waternoose. This world's keyblade would be monstrous looking, maybe with a single eye and fangs for the teeth.

The Incredibles

SORA. AS. A SUPERHERO. OKAY?! When it comes to locations, there would probably be the city, and Syndrome's island. You would probably follow Mr. Incredible's side of the story, with him as the party member.

Bosses could include the Omnidroid (twice at the beginning, once toward the end), and Syndrome (in place of his very child-unfriendly death). A keyblade for here would probably look heroic, like having the shaft be a cape of something.

Wreck-It Ralph

There's too much potential here not too do this. Ralph could constantly talk about how the characters are in a game and break the fourth wall, with Sora and Co. not getting what he's talking about, just being oblivious and all that. Of course, the cameos would probably not happen in the case of this being a world, but it would be worth it. Areas would include Fix-It Felix Jr., Hero's Duty, and Sugar Rush. Ralph would be the party member, using his abilities to their best.

Bosses would include some kind of Heartless attack Game Central Station as soon as you enter the world, CyBugs in Hero's Duty, and CyBug-King Candy/Turbo. The actual games themselves could have some kind of altered versions as mini-games, as well. The keyblade for this world would probably be either retro-inspired, or have elements from the different parts of the world I detailed before.


These are just a few thoughts for potential worlds in future Kingdom Hearts games I'm hoping for. Obviously, Square won't read this, but hey, just wanted to throw these ideas out there, and get this all off my chest.

HBM, signing out.

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