HBM Reviews: Street Fighter X Mega Man

Yeah, okay people, I'm really sick and tired of this bullshit. I've had nothing to review for the past couple weeks, my DVR crapped out on me, and I still have to wait for Christmas. God, please let these next 3 days fly by. Oh well, time to finally review a little something I've been looking forward to for a while; Street Fighter X Mega Man
Technically, this isn't an official Mega Man/Street Fighter game. It's actually a fan game made by some asian dude who showed his prototype build to some Capcom people at EVO 2012. They then showed that to their higher-ups and decided to assist in the creation of this dream game. And thus, here we are.

Despite the way title the misleads you by putting Street Fighter first, this is actually a Mega Man-style game. The art style and controls draw heavily from the NES Mega Man games. The controls are move, shoot, jump, slide (down+jump), Quick Swap 1, Quick Swap 2, and Pause. You can customize these controls on the main menu.

Just like the NES Mega Man games, you have the 8 stages to go through at the start, then once you've completed those, you play the Shadaloo stages (replacing the Wily stages for this game). You have to advance through the differently themed stages then fight the boss, like always. The only exceptions are Shadaloo Stages 1, 3, and 4, which are nothing but bosses (3 is the obligatory Boss Rush). Just like always, certain bosses are only weak to certain attacks, but the boss's health bars go down slower than usual in this game. Also, the more you damage them, the more their Super Meter fills. Once it's completely filled, they'll perform a Super Attack, which does massive damage.

The music in this game is just great. It's Street Fighter music remixed to NES Mega Man style, mixed with other Mega Man tunes. For example, Ryu's stage theme has a bit of Flash Man's theme mixed in. Each theme is perfectly mixed, however given the length of the game, there's not much songs in the game.

Overall, this is a decent game. Though it's more difficult than any Mega Man game I've ever played, it's still pretty fun, and a decent holdover for the true Mega Man 25th Anniversary games. Can't wait for the Blue Bomber to truly return!

HBM, signing out!

P.S. Here's some secrets in case you want to know any.

Boss Weaknesses: Chun-Li is weak to Hadoken, Crimson Viper is weak to Lightning Kick, Dhalsim is weak to Optic Laser, Blanka is weak to Yoga Inferno, Rose is weak to Tropical Hazard, Rolento is weak to Soul Satellite, Urien is weak to Mine Sweeper, Ryu is weak to Aegis Reflector, Vega is weak to Lightning Kick, and M. Bison is weak to Hadoken.

Guile's Theme: On the pause menu, hold the shoot button and press up, down, down, down to change all the music in the game to Guile's Theme. To change the music back, use the code again.

Helmetless Mega Man: On the Stage Select, highlight Ryu, hold shoot, and press right, right, right, left. This allows you to play as Mega Man without his helmet. To put his helmet back on, activate the code again.

Extra Mega Buster Abilities: On the start screen, hold the shoot and jump buttons until you hear a chime. This will unlock the Hadoken and Sei'ei Enbu for the Mega Buster. To perform this Hadoken, you press down, down-forward, forward, shoot very quickly. It's similar to the normal Hadoken you get from Ryu, but Mega Man goes into a charging position when you use this one. To activate Sei'ei Enbu, press jump, shoot, and Quick Swap 1 at the same time. This makes afterimages follow Mega Man and attack when he does.

Secret Boss Akuma: Get up to M. Bison with at least four Perfects (beat a boss with full health) on any of the first 8 bosses, and get him to about 1/4 health. Akuma will suddenly show up, use Misogi on him, and battle you in a different stage. He's weak to Aegis Reflector.

Secret Boss Sagat: Get up to M. Bison with at least four Perfects on the Shadaloo stage bosses (Balrog, Vega, the Boss Rush). You know you've done it right if you see more rain than usual on the stage. He's weak to Hadoken. Only available in V2.

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