My Favorite Kingdom Hearts Bosses

Ah, Kingdom Hearts. One of the greatest game series of all time. I've been playing these games for nearly a decade, and I can never stop praising them. The best part of these games is definitely the awesome boss battles. So I'm going to start a new feature on my blog called "My Favorite ___________ Bosses."

Basically, whenever I'm feeling nostalgic about a series, I'll tell who I think is the best boss from each game in said series. The only rules I have are 1. No ties, and 2. No Final Bosses, Secret Bosses, or Japan-Exclusive Bosses. Obviously, you should be aware of spoilers. So, let's get to it!

Bosses Not Allowed:
KHI: Ansem, World of Darkness, Phantom, Kurt Zisa, Ice Titan, Sephiroth, Unknown (Xemnas)
KHReCom: Dusk Marluxia, Angel Marluxia, Ansem
KHII: Armored Xemnas, Dragon Xemnas, Final Xemnas, Coliseum Bosses, Sephiroth, Absent Silhouettes, Roxas, Organization Data, Lingering Will
KHDays: Xion, Riku, Dustflier
KHBbS: Final Terranort, Red Eyes Heartless, Iron Prisoner, Vanitas's Lingering Sentiment, Mysterious Figure (Young Xehanort), Monstro, Armor of the Master, No Heart
KHRec: Data-Roxas, Bug-Data Roxas, Bug-Data Riku
KH3D: Armored Nightmare, Julius
Kingdom Hearts 1: Riku-Ansem

Honestly, this was a bit difficult for me. Kingdom Hearts I isn't really too memorable in the boss department to me, compared to the other games. However, this would have to be the one I choose, simply for the fact that it's Riku at his most powerful in this game. Sure, he's possessed by Ansem, cheap as hell, and it's one-on-one, but other than the Final and Secret Bosses, this one is just the most memorable to me.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories: Zexion

#1: You're playing as Riku. #2: Permanent Dark Mode. #3: Fighting against Zexion, my 2nd-3rd favorite KH character. #4: The 13th Struggle. #5: A legitimately challenging yet fair, and fun boss battle on it's own. ALL OF IT.

Kingdom Hearts II: Xemnas

You're finally against the main villain of KH2, and he pulls out all the stops. Isolating Sora to fight one-on-one, constant barriers, awesome dual-lightsaber combos, the HP-draining attack, all that good shit. The reaction command that negates the HP-draining attack is also pretty badass if you can time it right. Pretty much the best non-final boss in the game, very fitting for the best game in the series.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Infernal Engine

Considering it's the first DS KH game, I had high expectations for Days. They... weren't exactly met. However, other than the Final Bosses and Mission Mode, Infernal Engine* is the closest this game gets to being as good as KH1. Probably has something to do with Vim and Vigor playing in the background.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Vanitas

Vanitas is currently my favorite Kingdom Hearts character, so it only makes sense he'd make it on this list. I just think the final battle Ven has with him is the best, because he's finally unmasked, and he DESTROYS THE FUCKING AWAKENING. The way you defeat him is especially epic. Easily the best non-secret boss in the game.

Kingdom Hearts re:coded: Sora's Heartless

Where do I begin? Well, you're finally fighting the big bad guy behind the bugs, he starts out as a massive Darkside, then becomes a Sora clone that shoots Keyblades at you and clones itself, being all godlike. And all of this as Guardando nel Buio from KH1 plays. This would have been the perfect Final Boss for this game. I'm not saying the Castle Oblivion section was pointless or bad (well, it was, but still), but this would have been the perfect end to a mostly "meh" game.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: Young Xehanort

HAH! I still managed to get Mysterious Figure on this list in some form! Take that, restrictions I set upon myself! So anyway, Young-Nort is a pretty cool character on his own, but as a boss, he's just completely awesome. He still has some of the broken-ness from being the Mysterious Figure, but reduced to the point of fairness. Plus, he's the only boss in the series that can REWIND THE BATTLE TO THE START if you fuck up at the end. Honestly, one of the most awesome bosses EVER.

There we have it, the best bosses of each Kingdom Hearts game. I guess we'll see what I do next.

HBM Signing Out.
*Dr. Eggman called. He wants his new fortress's name back.

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