My Thoughts on the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo

Happy birthday to me! Yup, I'm finally 17 years old. I still can't legally drink, vote, or purchase porn, but at least I can get M-rated games and see R-rated movies without my parents' permission now (as long as I have ID)!

Thankfully, it would seem that either Kojima Productions, Konami, or Platinum Games were somehow aware of this, and decided that last night, they would release a demo for the upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance onto XBoxLive and PlayStation Store. And as just a demo, it was not a disappointment.

When you start up the "story," you actually get to choose your difficulty, which is pretty nice, considering it's a demo. The only options are "Easy" and "Normal," with "Hard" shaded out. Anyway, it'll ask if you want to play the tutorial, which is pretty straightforward, just a few targets to get rid of, some you have to hit in specific areas. After you complete the tutorial it gives you a wall of text giving the backstory of Rising and it's prologue. You start playing when Raiden is launched onto a country where the Desperado PMC is taking over.

There are some cyborgs and Gekkos here, and you get to decide how to kill them, and if you slice them in a certain area, then press a certain button, you can steal their spine to recover your HP and... blue meter (not sure what it's for yet). There's even a civilian that they start pushing around, but Raiden is too badass to let that shit go down. Anyway, after murdering your way through these guys, you find yourself in a tunnel, then a cutscene starts where you're introduced to LQ-84i (aka Bladewolf), the boss of the demo.

The Bladewolf battle is pretty intense, with awesome music blaring in the background. You can't just rush in there and attack like mad, you have to strategize when and how to attack. After taking enough damage, he'll summon some backup; at first it's some PMC soldiers, then it's a Gekko. After killing them, it's back to the normal battle. When Bladewolf's health is low enough (like, 6% or something), you can press a certain button combination to finish the battle and slice him up. And that's where the demo ends.

Overall, I'd say this is satisfactory. The controls respond really well, it's fun cutting shit up, and like I said, the Bladewolf battle is intense. This demo knows it's job: Provide us with a short MGR experience without buying the game, show us how to play, and get us hyped for the full experience. And it does that job spectacularly. February 19 is definitely not coming soon enough.

HBM, signing out!

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