Bleach Recaps Episode 282: WHAT WAS THE POINT?!

Okay, we're finally back to Bleach. Honestly, I can't believe how retarded adult swim/Toonami decided to be those few weeks. What the fuck was the point of this break?! IN JAPAN IT'S ALREADY OVER YOU FUCKING RETARDS! What, did Johnny Yong Bosch have a strike because Ichigo wasn't showing up enough?! GIVE. US. A. FUCKING. EXPLANATION!

Anyway, onto the recap...

So we resume Starrk vs Love and Rose. Starrk thinks about how Aizen doesn't give a damn about Baraggan's death when Love releases his sword, turning it into a huge spiked... thing. He knocks Starrk around a little but has to wait for the dust to settle for his next attack. Meanwhile, in said dust, Lilynette is getting her time of the month over Starrk not giving a shit about the fight anymore and fires blasts without his consent. This leads to more fighting, with Rose joining in with his whip, and both putting on their masks. Then Love sets his oversized baseball bat on fire and sends Starrk into an inferno.

Burn baby, burn!
Meanwhile, Hiyori's still fighting Hallibel*, when Hitsugaya accidentally gets in the way, causing another argument. Lisa ships them some more, then they put on their masks.

Meanwhile, Starrk's talking with Lilynette in the RIng of Fire, and suddenly gains motivation to fight. He then reappears with a bunch of energy wolves around him. They attack Love and Rose, and it turns out they explode when they touch something. Starrk then says he shredded his soul to pieces or some shit, I dunno. Anyway, the wolves explode all over the place, really messing up Love's star-fro.

"Dammit Starrk, it took me 3 years to grow that shit!"
As Starrk's about to finish them, he get's impaled from behind. The end. BECAUSE CLIFFHANGERS AREN'T OVERUSED OR ANYTHING.

Seriously adult swim, I'm still raging against this. What the fuck is your problem?! Whatever, better than being canceled altogether. So at least you have that over that which shall not be mentioned.

HBM signing out.
*This is kinda awkward because it's Laura Bailey vs. Laura Bailey. MINDFUCK COMMENCE.

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