HBM Reviews: God of War: Ascension

Well, this is the game we've been waiting for, the next chapter in the God of War series. And even better, it's on the PS3 again! So how could this game not be one of the best PS3 games?

The plot is a prequel to GoW1, taking place before Blades of Olympus. In this game, Kratos has just broken his oath to Ares after killing his family. The Furies, the divine oathkeepers, are now seeking to punish him, but their son Orkos wants to help Kratos the best he can. So just like the other games, there's lots of jumping around, puzzles, Greek mythological references, and of course, killing.

The controls are similar to the rest of the franchise. Square for light attacks, triangle for heavy attacks, circle for melee/World Weapon attacks (you find World Weapons throughout the game), R1 for any interactions, R2 for magic, L1 for blocking, L2 for sub-weapons, and the control sticks to move and dodge. This game also adds elements to your weapons as you progress, which you switch with the D-Pad. The element you have equipped changes your light combo finisher, your magic, and the effect of killing an enemy with the element.

A great new feature in this game is the online multiplayer. When you start it up, you get a cutscene from early in the story mode from the perspective of the warrior that escapes, a detail which I kind of like. Then you find yourself in Olympus, where you train and choose which god (Ares, Hades, Zeus, or Poseidon) to ally yourself with. Which god you choose changes which weapons, armor, items, abilities, and magic you can use. You can also customize your skin and armor color. As you play the multiplayer modes, you level up your warrior and equipment, and unlock more stuff. The modes are 4v4 Favor of the Gods, 2v2 Favor of the Gods, a Free-For-All, 4v4 Capture the Flag, 2v2 Capture the Flag, and the Trial of the Gods.

In my opinion, though the levels and puzzles aren't quite on par with GoW3 or GoS, the gameplay is still extremely fun and the bosses are pretty badass. Overall, this is probably the 2nd or 3rd best God of War game. Hopefully, the next game can somehow be even better!

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