HBM's Top 10 Underrated Video Games

Hey there, everypeople. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, it's just... y'know... Metal Gear Rising. Once I finally get around to watching the new Bleach episodes, I'll recap them all in one big post.

Anyway, have you ever felt that some video games don't get quite as much praise as you think they should have? Because I do, all the fuckin' time. So I'm gonna count down my Top 10 of them here today. Just like always, this list is subject to change at anytime. Okay, here we go.

#10: Mega Man 7

Okay, this isn't really a case of most people hating on this game, it's just that it isn't as highly regarded as it should be. I mean, sure, the "story" is rehashed from almost every Mega Man game before, and the formula for the series was getting a bit stale at this point, but goddammit, this game is pretty awesome! It has great music, better new gameplay, awesome graphics for the time, and pretty fun Easter Eggs!* What's not to love?!

#9: Dissidia/Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Yeah, I count them as the same game again. Fuck you, it's my list. Anyway, I don't see why these games get hated on. Like, at all. Of course, considering that I'm looking past the plot and horrible character choices (See my Top 10 Final Fantasy Mistakes for more on that), you could say I'm being a bit biased. Whatever, Dissidia 012 is still my favorite Final Fantasy, and fuck all of you haters.

#8: Final Fantasy VIII

Honestly, I completely understand why people hate this game. The mechanics can be annoying with flat characters and a boring story. However, I can find enjoyment in the battles (once I'm done Drawing), the music, and Laguna and Zell. Sure, it's not the best game, but it's far from the worst.

#7: Wii Music

I don't see how this game gets so much hate. I mean, sure, it has almost no creativity, and it's kind of monotonous, but you get to play any song in the game however you want! You can change the tempo, instruments, tone, all of that! It's a simple joy, and I can find enjoyment in anything like that.

#6: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

I have no idea why this game isn't as loved as it should be. The battle system's pretty tight, it has high replayability (in my opinion), a great sense of humor, and some kickass team attacks. Sure, the soundtrack is low quality and repetitive, and the team attack commands can be irritating to input, but I love this game, and so should you.

#5: Sonic R

This is another game that's simple, yet fun. There are only 2-3 modes, 10 characters, and 5 stages, and the control is a bit clunky, but it's still enjoyable, and the soundtrack will not leave your head. Which can be kind of horrifying considering a certain "legend"...

#4: Castlevania: Judgment

Again, why does this game get so much hate?! I like the battle system, the soundtrack is kickass, and the customization is fairly cool. I do wish there was more variety in the characters and modes, but Judgment is good for what it is; A Castlevania fighting game. And a damn good one at that.

#3: Devil May Cry 2

Why is this seen as the Black Sheep of the Devil May Cry series? The gameplay's better than DMC1's (In my opinion), the music's obviously there, and the graphics are better than DMC1's. The story may be boring (or nonexistent, depending on your point of view), but why should that matter in a video game you play for entertainment?!

#2: Final Fantasy V

Probably the most underrated Square Enix game ever, FFV is seen as merely "adequate" by most fans. However, I say it's one of the best in the series, especially for such an oft-overlooked title. Awesome customization, amazing humor, the great Final Fantasy feel and battle system, and FUCKING GILGAMESH!!!! They need to remake this for 3DS.

#1: Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is my favorite Sonic character of all time. Likewise, guns are always welcome in games that don't have 7-9 year olds constantly insulting your mother. Therefore, this game is a match made in heaven. So, WHY THE FUCK IS IT SO HATED?!?! I can see why the change to the 4Kids cast could be seen as controversial, and suddenly introducing realistic weaponry and swears to the Sonic series (kinda ironic, really), but it's just such a goddamn badass game! I don't care how useless the vehicles are, or how unfair some levels are with their requirements for Hero or Dark side, I just fucking love this game! In fact, it may be one of the best Sonic games, in my opinion! PEOPLE, OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!

Well, I got all that off my chest. Now I can go back to procrastinating... and waiting for my next reason to procrastinate! Just one more week...

HBM, signing out!
*For example, holding B whiles selecting Shade Man's stage changes the stage music to the Ghosts 'n' Goblins theme. Pretty cool, and kinda funny.

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