Huge Bleach Recap: Eps. 283 - 288

Okay, sorry I haven't been able to recap lately. But hey, Rising and shit. So, now that I'm finally caught up on the episodes I've missed, I can recap them, so let's not waste any more time.

Ep. 283 starts where the last one left off: With Starrk being stabbed from behind. It turns out it was Kyoraku hiding in his shadow, and he explains his power. Starrk fights him a bit, the part of his soul that's Lilynette dies, and he gets killed when he's stabbed in the hole (...WAT). After this, AIzen decides Hallibel's useless and slices her torso

Ep. 284 is just a huge flashback of Hallibel's life as a Hollow. When she and her Fracciones where Hollows, she was basically keeping them safe from male Hollows, not willing to sacrifice her "comrades." After meeting with Baraggan, a while later, an arrancar trashes their place and beats the everloving shit out of them. Then Aizen shows up, kills him, and offers Hallibel and the others arrancar powers. In the present day, he finishes her off (except not really. Because, y'know, the manga right now).

In Ep. 285, Mashiro beats Wonderweiss around some more before her mask breaks and Kensei has to save her. He activates his Bankai and everyone else goes to fight Aizen. Hiyori goes into a huge speech about why she hates Aizen and goes to attack him, but gets stabbed by Gin (fucking censorship). Shinji shouts for Ichigo to hurry back with Orihime, and we cut to Ichigo in Hueco Mundo. Yammy beats down Renji, Chad, and Rukia, and the episode ends with him throwing Rukia.

Ep. 286 begins right there, and shows that Ichigo catches Rukia. He effortlessly beats down Yammy, but then his mask breaks, and Yammy grabs him. Then Byakuya and Kenpachi show up to fight Yammy, and Kurotsuchi opens a Garganta for Ichigo, with Unohana offering to come along.

Ep. 287 was a really random filler based on Arabian Knights. Ichigo's apparently having a dream where he and his friends are thieves looking for the Snow Crystal, but they find the Magic Lamp instead. With Rukia as the genie, she refuses to grant Ichigo's wishes because he's not "pure of heart," but breaks that law when he taunts her, and is taken prisoner by the "Lamp Society." From there, it's basically an Arabian Knights-themed recap of the Soul Society arc from Ichigo's perspective, minus Aizen. In the end, it turns out it was a dream being had by Lieutenant Isane back in the Soul Society. I think my brain exploded a few hundred times when I watched this, I lost count after 20.

In Ep. 288, Ichigo and Unohana go through the Garganta and she explains Aizen's Zanpakuto to Ichigo. We also learn that Ichigo's coat is part of his spiritual pressure, and that the more torn it is, the less spiritual pressure he has. So Unohana decides to heal his spiritual pressure. Meanwhile, Kenpachi continues to beat the shit out of Yammy as Byakuya and Mayuri watch. He supposedly kills Yammy and he and Byakuya taunt one another, when Yammy gets back up and fires a Cero. Episode end.

Okay, I actually think I have a better solution for Bleach Recaps: Every month, at the end of the month, I'll just recap that month's episodes, starting this month. That'll work out much better for me.

HBM, signing out.

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