Bleach Eps 289-291: Marching Along

Oh fuck, I have a blog?! When did this shit happen?!

Yeah, I'm back and shit. Spring break kind of happened. Nothing much interesting happened, other than me buying and beating the original NES Ninja Gaiden within a couple days, and finally seeing the Scott Pilgrim movie and downloading the game. So yeah, nothing much... wait a minute...

So it's time to do this shit again. For recaps of the episodes prior to this, see my Huge Bleach Recap post.

Episode 289 opens where 288 ended; with Yammy firing a Cero at Byakuya and Kenpachi. They avoid the blast and pick up on their fight, when Yammy shows up again and somehow grows bigger and uglier. Apparently this is his Resurreccion ability; to become more powerful as he gets more pissed off. Meanwhile, in Karakura Town, Komamura and Hisagi are still fighting Tosen. We see Hiyori get stabbed again, and Shinji goes to fight Aizen. Then, out of fucking nowhere, Tosen Hollowfies and beats the everloving fuck out of Hisagi. Episode end.

290 picks up where we just left off. Tosen spends the entire episode bitching and complaining about justice and his friend who died and how once he burnt his toast or some shit. Also, just a sidenote, during these flashbacks, it shows Tosen with Egoraptor's hairstyle, and... it just doesn't work. So anyway, Shinji releases his Zanpakuto, and Komamura breaks Tosen's arm or some shit.

I'm sorry, this is just too amazing not to put here.
So Tosen reveals he has instant regeneration then (again, out of fucking nowhere), performs a Resurreccion and transforms into a giant fly. He can finally see and shit, and calls Komamura ugly. Puppy is not amused.

291 is the most recent episode. Tosen comments a bit on what he sees again the resumes the fight. Shinji shows that his Zanpakuto inverts all of what you see and feel, but Aizen figures out the trick pretty quickly, the Mary-Sue bastard. Anyway, Tosenfly looks like he loses the fight, then comes back and slaps around Wolfman a bit more, then Hisagi shows up, stabs him through the head, and releases.*
Tosen has some more flashbacks, finally opens his eyes, and then explodes into a shower of blood. Then Ichigo bursts out of the sky behind Aizen like the Kool-Aid Guy (OH YEAH!!!).

So okay, that happened. Not sure what was accomplished here, but hey, at least the plot's moving at a better pace than the manga right now, I'll do a post about the manga within the next few weeks.

HBM Signing Out.
*For those of you unaware, if a sword turns into twin scythes while it's inside your head, the results are... not pretty, to say the least.

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