Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Jetstream DLC

You guys remember Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the newest (and possibly best) Metal Gear game from February? Well, some DLC has been released, and I'm giving my thoughts on it. Spoilers ahead, by the way.

This DLC follows the backstory of Jetstream Sam, and how he came to join Desperado. Apparently, at the time this game takes place, Sam has already made a name for himself as a vigilante, taking down various criminal organizations. This time, he just so happens to be tackling Desperado's HQ in Denver, so some of the locations in this story will be familiar to players of the actual game itself. Sam starts in the sewers under the city, and runs into Bladewolf there, who he fights and defeats. Then, after making it a bit further into the building, Monsoon shows up and brings out a Metal Gear Ray for Sam to take care of. After running through the place a bit more, Sam makes his way to the roof to fight Senator Armstrong. After analyzing the speed at which Armstrong's armor-nanomachine-things form, he slices off Armstrong's right hand, who then returns the favor, and hires Sam. That's it. Pretty short, nothing too special.

Sam plays a bit differently than Raiden. He doesn't have an AR mode, so it can be more difficult locating objects and enemies without getting spotted, and rather than the automatic parkour through obstacles, he has a double jump and air dash. His moveset is different, and if you hold the Triangle button, you can use a powerful Quick-Draw attack. Other than that, Sam's very similar to Raiden.

While this story is much shorter than the main game, the enemies are actually more difficult now. Sam doesn't get any upgrades, other than HP and Fuel Cell upgrades, which he gets from silver boxes and VR Missions, so this difficulty is maintained for every playthrough. The AI is more intelligent than the main story, and the enemies take more hits to go down, so there is a bit more challenge to no-damage runs. Even Armstrong is more broken, and he even gains a new attack just for his fight! Basically, you have to be a master at this game if you want to do good on this.

Sam's VR Missions are different than Raiden's. Whereas Raiden downloads the missions from terminals and can access them anytime, Sam has to go to specific terminals to play specific missions. Some of these missions are the only ways to get some HP upgrades, which can be slightly frustrating, and if you want an overall S rank for the chapter, you need to S rank the missions.

Overall, this is some great DLC. The gameplay is great, like always, and there are some little things about it which can be nice (I like Sam's Zandatsu animation, and the ninja-cat shows up at one point). I can't wait for the Bladewolf DLC!

HBM, signing out!

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