Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Bladewolf DLC

So hey, here we are again, talking about Metal Gear Rising DLC. And this time, it's more unique, because rather than playing as a humanoid, this chapter has you play as LQ-84i (a.k.a. Bladewolf)! Is the canine robot's chapter as good as, if not better than the Jetstream chapter? Well, read on to find out!

The story starts out with some mandatory VR missions, which also serve as tutorials for how to control this new character. In between the missions, there are cutscenes of Mistral talking with Bladewolf about freedom and their next mission and all that. We get introduced to a new Wind of Destruction, Khamsin, through Codec, though seeing how he doesn't appear in the main game, you know something's gonna happen to him. Anyway, after the VR Missions, we're taken to the hotel from Chapter R-01, where Bladewold steals a restraining device and runs away. So you run back to the beginning of the area (that is, the beginning in R-01), where you fight Khamsin, who uses a giant tank-suit with a giant chainsaw-axe to fight. The fight's nothing special, but still pretty fun. After you chop Khamsin to pieces, Mistral shows up and restrains Wolf. Turns out the device he stole was pointless and Mistral just wanted Khamsin dead. We then cut to Wolf's redesign from later in the game telling the story to Sunny, and them commenting about Raiden, ending the chapter.

Bladewolf is a bit awkward to control. The way his jump works makes it hard to know if you'll land where you want in platforming segments, and he doesn't even have a double-jump like Sam or the obstacle-maneuvering/parkour that Raiden has. His attacks are what you'd expect: Claws, chainsaw, and that dash/tackle attack. The claws are quicker, but the chainsaw is more powerful, I think. Wolf doesn't have much items to use, just throwable items and his Heated Knives. When he uses Blade Mode, Wolf uses his Chainsaw, and uses his little hand-tail-thing for the Zandatsu, which is pretty cool.

The VR missions are a little harder in this chapter, since the platforming segments are awkward. They get a bit easier as you learn to use Bladewolf more effectively. Just like with Sam's chapter, they're scattered around as the little access terminals (including a couple bizarre cases of a VR Mission within the mandatory VR Missions... o_o). I don't know how to beat VR Mission 2 at the moment, and can't find one of the other missions, but hey, the ones I've beaten aren't bad.

So in conclusion, I'd say Bladewolf's chapter is pretty solid, though not quite as good as the Jetstream chapter. I just hope there's still one or two more DLC chapters coming up. I don't care that they're $7 each; for more Metal Gear Rising, it's worth just about any price.

HBM, Signing Out.

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