My Thoughts on the Bleach Manga... Again

So yeah, a while ago, I mentioned that I'd put up another post of my thoughts of the Bleach manga at some point. Well, here it is, I wanted to wait until Isshin's story about Masaki was finished. So... yeah, let's pick up where we left off. Remember, this is Bleach, so SPOILERS.


Ahem, well uh... let's start with the story. While it is true that Kubo pulled Masaki being a Quincy (and therefore, her kids are, by relation, part Quincy) out of his ass, I was pleasantly shocked by the revelation. I'm hoping Ichigo's sisters will actually gain powers of their own and join the fight. Come on, you know you want it to happen.

I knew that either Kyoraku, Ukitake, or both would become the new Head Captain. It was the obvious choice, seeing as how they're now the strongest Soul Reapers alive, aside from Aizen (possibly). I did like that we finally got to find out why Unohana is so scary (her being the first Kenpachi, being the woman that Kenpachi named Yachiru after), but she got way too creepy, way too fast. I was kinda thankful when Kenpachi killed her, and it's awesome that he's finally communicating with his Zanpakuto.

I am thankful that Kukaku and Ganju have reappeared and seem to be training with Kugo, Tsukishima, and Giriko. I was hoping the Fullbringers wouldn't be completely superfluous after their deaths. Also, I love how Grimmjow seems to be back, judging by Ichigo's reaction when communicating with Urahara, and the guy's speech patterns. Finally, some more Arrancar action.

I find the members of Squad Zero... strange, though I'll get to them later. Tenjiro's Ultra Healing Hot Spring of Doom (TM) seems kinda cheap, and Nimaiya's trial for Ichigo and Renji to repair their Zanpakuto was even more so. I was pissed that Renji passed and Ichigo failed, though it's obvious he'll somehow get Zangetsu repaired or something.

With Isshin's story, first let me say that I was caught off guard by him being a Shiba by birth, though it does explain Ichigo looking similar to Kaien. Masaki was really cute as a teenager, and pretty badass as a Quincy, shown in her fight with the experimental Hollow. I didn't expect her to have originally been intended to marry Ryuken. Oh, and I was surprised that Uryu's apparently joining Vandenreich, according to the latest chapter.

Onto the new characters. Like I said, Squad Zero is a bit... weird. Tenjiro kind of reminds me of Nnoitra for some reason, just more pissed off. When I saw Hikifune, that wasn't what I was expecting, but then she showed her slim form and I was okay. Hopefully she'll stay in slim form for battles. Nimaiya seems really out of place for this kind of series, given how modern his outfit is, compared to the other Soul Reapers. I don't know what kind of opinion to have on the other two, as their personalities haven't been shown enough.

Well, that's that. My thoughts on the manga right now. I should have another of these up in about 5-8 months, basically whenever the next big exposition dump or awesome moment ends. Whatever.

HBM signing out.

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