Random update out of nowhere

I dunno, I'm bored and I want to post something.

So, video game stuff. I just got Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee (thank you Game Grumps), and it's pretty cheap, but also fucking awesome. I'm trying to get trophies from Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi and Raging Blast 2, which at the moment, is pretty hard because the only trophies I have left to get are fairly tedious. I'm waiting on whatever games I have preordered at the moment, and MGR DLC, if it's still coming.

When it comes to anime/manga, not much to say. We know what's up with Bleach right now. The Naruto manga is actually fairly good, especially compared to the shitty-ass anime. The Soul Eater manga keeps getting creepier every chapter (FUCK, CRONA, WHY WITH THE MUPPET FACES AND LAWD NO). I should be getting Bleach Hell Verse any time soon. And I'm still waiting on news for the new Dragon Ball Z movie.


Going to New York this weekend. May not update from then till I get back. Whatever.

HBM Signing Out.

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