HBM Reviews: Deadpool

"This is what AWESOME looks like!"
Hey guys, I'm still in New York, but I'm still able to use the internet, so what better time to review the recent Deadpool game? Also, like always, I'm using the PS3 control scheme because I still don't have an XBox 360. Bleh.

The plot in this game is that the Merc with a Mouth himself is making his own game (the one I'm reviewing right now) with the forced help of High Moon Studios. He goes to assassinate a corrupt media mogul, Chance White, but Mister Sinister and some other minor Marvel villains get to him first. Since Pooly didn't kill his target, he can't get his reward, so he and some X-Men go to Sinister's hideout to get revenge. Also, there's lots of killings, explosions, insanity, and all around silliness.

The game is a combination of an action game and a shooter. You jump with X, use light attacks with square, heavy attacks with triangle, teleport/evade/counter with O, shoot with R1, aim with L1, throw grenades and stuff with R2, and reload with L2. You can purchase upgrades, extra attacks, and weapons in the select menu. You gain Deadpool points by killing enemies and just finding them. If you sneak up behind an enemy, you can use triangle to quietly kill them, or R1 to noisily kill them. Overall, it's kind of similar to Metal Gear Rising, but with more weapons.

Obviously, this game has an amazing sense of humor, and the interaction between Deadpool and the voices in his head* is pretty entertaining. Deadpool comments on everything you or the enemies do, and will make fun of you for doing poorly. Some of the moments with Cable and Wolverine interacting with Deadpool are probably the funniest moments in the game.

Overall, Deadpool is a great game. I mean, it's nothing too special, but really entertaining. I'll review Project X Zone in a couple days.

HBM, signing out.
*I have a feeling that the higher voice is like the pure insanity of Deadpool, while the serious voice is supposed to be the original Wade Wilson personality, with Deadpool himself being a combination of the two.

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