HBM Reviews: Project X Zone

Hey guys. Sorry I'm late with this, but I'm still in New York doing stuff. But now it's time to review Project X Zone.

The plot is apparently a sequel to the Japan-only Namco X Capcom. In this game, the secret treasure of the Koryuji family, the Portalstone, is taken from the Koryuji Estate. So the family's daughter, Mii Koryuji, and her tutor, Kogoro Tenzai, travel around the Namco, Capcom, and Sega worlds to find it, and put a stop the various evil organizations in the worlds.

The gameplay is very similar to Bleach: The 3rd Phantom. You're on  grid system, and each turn, all of your allies and enemies go once. On a turn, you can move, attack, use skills and items, or do nothing. In battle, you use the D-pad or Circle Pad in combination with the A button to perform combos, while using the L and R buttons for assists. During battle, you build up XP, which fills your Cross Gauge, which is used to perform actions against enemy attacks. When the Cross Gauge is 100% or higher, you can use a Special Attack or Map Attack to deal massive damage to enemies.

There are a couple differences in the localized version from the original Japanese. Bruno Delinger from Dynamite Cop/Die Hard Arcade had his outfit altered due to possible lawsuits from the creators of Die Hard and/or his likeness to Bruce Willis. However, the most major change is that some songs were removed. This includes Over the Clouds from Gods Eater Burst, High-Rise to Hell from Dynamite Cop, and most disappointing, ROCKS from Super Robot Wars. I just... don't understand that.

Anyway, despite that... awfulness I just described, this game is truly great. Probably one of the best 3DS games so far. Though the last couple levels are basically Hell in video game form, I would definitely recommend it.

HBM, signing out.

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