HBM's Top Ten Must-Have Super Smash Bros. Newcomers

Hey guys. I don't know about you, but I was fairly disappointed with today's Nintendo Direct. I mean, other than the info on Wonderful 101, and Earthbound finally being released on Virtual Console, there wasn't anything new, and worst of all, no new Smash Bros. info! I was at least expecting a newcomer, or a veteran that people actually give half a damn about (looking at you, Olimar).

Anyway, I got to thinking about which Nintendo characters are most likely to make the cut, and I decided to put the Top Ten of the newcomers I wanted the most onto here. Seriously, if at least half the characters on this list don't make it in, I'll be seriously pissed. Hell, just the first 3 or 4 need to be in!

Now, it has to be characters from a series that was made by Nintendo, or one of their subsidiaries, so no 3rd-party characters like Simon Belmont. Also, if any of these characters get confirmed, I'll add that as a note next to their name and change the picture to their Smash Bros art. Alrighty, let's get to it.

#10: Krystal (Star Fox) (Deconfirmed)

Krystal needs a bit more love among the fandom, and maybe getting included in Smash Bros could do that for her. That is, if she's not a damn clone of Fox like Flaco and Wolf. Put that spear to use, woman!

#9: Waluigi (Mario) (Deconfirmed)

Mario and Wario are already in the game, same with Luigi, so why not Waluigi? He was already an Assist Trophy in Brawl, but if they could expand his moveset from his AT, Waluigi could make for a formidable and wacky fighter!

#8: Fawful (Mario) (Deconfirmed)

Fawful is a silly lil shit, isn't he? He has a nice wacky repertoire to use for a moveset, and the fact that he was the villain of a game could elevate his chances a bit. That, and it would be awesome to hear a fully voice-acted "I HAVE FURY!!"

#7: Pokemon Trainer Gold or Silver (Pokemon) (Deconfirmed)

We already had Pokemon Trainer Red in Brawl, so we should take it to the next step with Gold or Silver. As for Pokemon, I guess Chikorita, Quilava, and Feraligatr. Hell, just put in a new Pokemon Trainer!

#6: Chrom (Fire Emblem) (Deconfirmed)

Each Smash Bros has had a different Fire Emblem character take the spotlight alongside Marth, and considering that the most recent is Fire Emblem: Awakening, it only makes sense for the protagonist of that game, Chrom, to be the new representative. Bonus points if Marth ends up having a "Masked Marth" alternate costume.

#5: Mii (Wii) (Confirmed)

Surprised this isn't higher? Well, you'll see why soon. We need the ability to play as our Miis. If we can customize our Mii's outfits, and maybe moveset, that would be awesome. Nintendo, make this shit happen. Now.

#4: Magnus (Kid Icarus) (Deconfirmed)

Magnus is basically the ultimate badass in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Clearly, he needs to be in Smash Bros. Nintendo can make up badass Sword combos for him, right? Oh, and a Final Smash. Anyway, just do it, Nintendo.

#3: Ghirahim (The Legend of Zelda) (Deconfirmed)

Yeah, Ghirahim does need to be in this game, doesn't he? I mean, he has teleportation, a sword, projectiles, a counter-attack, and even a transformation to use as a Final Smash! That, and it would please all the fans. Well, most of them.

#2: Wonder Red (The Wonderful 101) (Deconfirmed)

This technically isn't bending the rules, since Wonderful 101 is published by Nintendo, and is at least partly owned by them. I would hope for some kind of W101 rep because it's a brand new IP ready for fresh use! Plus, a W101 character would control really cool.

#1: Little Mac (Punch-Out!!) (Confirmed)

Considering how successful Punch-Out!! as a whole is, the fact that he was an Assist Trophy in Brawl, and the confirmed stage that looks like a boxing ring, it would be a crime against humanity for Little Mac not to be playable! Just need some combos, maybe the bike as a side special, Giga Mac as a Final Smash! That's all you need. (Little side-note to Nintendo, we need a new Punch-Out!! game for Wii U. Like, NOW).

So yeah, those the the top 10 non-third party newcomers I want for Smash Bros 4. Now I'm going to play Earthbound for the first time!

HBM, signing out!

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