HBM Reviews: Batman: Arkham Origins

"Your enemies will define you"
You guys remember Batman: Arkham Asylum? Yeah, that game is great. But it's sequel, Arkham City, is even better. But what about the new prequel? Let's find out just how good Arkham Origins really is...


HBM's Top Ten Video Game Theme Songs

So, you know how video games have music? I like that. And some video games have really good music. Some of these games have awesome theme songs. And I'm giving the top ten best of those right here.


Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix Announced!

So, you know how Kingdom Hearts I.5 HD ReMix came out in America last month? And how Square was constantly teasing at the possibility of a II.5 HD ReMix? Well, it's a thing now.

So yeah, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Birth By Sleep Final Mix are finally coming to America, and they're doing the HD cutscene thing again with Re:coded. Square, you're making it hard to decide whether to love you or hate you lately, but this is definitely a point in your favor. Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix will be out sometime next year, worldwide.

HBM, signing out!


HBM's Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Square Enix Has Made

Hey guys. You remember Square Enix? Yeah, they made some awesome games back in the day. However, Square's glory days have been over for years. For quite some time, they've been bending us all over and raping us up the ass with their terrible ideas, horrendous games, and suicidal business practices. And I'm going to list the Top Ten of those here!


HBM Reviews: The Wonderful 101

"I knew we forgot someone... you."
Alrighty, time to get this blog back on track! Sorry this is late, but check my last post for details.

So, I like games, and I have a Wii U. But there haven't been much games that have made it a must-have. That is, until September 15th, when The Wonderful 101 was released!* And yes, the game is, in fact, wonderful.


I'm Back! Also, some news...

Hey ho, I have a laptop again! And it only took 2-3 weeks longer than normal! Thanks, school, for briefly removing your head from it's natural habitat; your ass!

So anyway, I'm doing that Wonderful 101 review tomorrow. Yes, it's late, but my home computer is a piece of shit, and the Wii U is insufficient for my blogging needs. :P

Also, I'm just done with Bleach Recaps. I haven't watched it since the end of the Deicide Arc, and I've decided to skip the Reigai arc because I heard it's the most horrendous one. Maybe I'll restart the recaps when the Fullbring Arc starts, but I'm not sure. Anyway, in a few months or so, I'll do another post about the manga.

Oh, and in my absence, Peach and Toon Link were revealed for Smash Bros.

Also, expect a shitload of Top Tens. Just saying.

So, yeah. I'm back, but I'm not sure if this time it'll be permanent. I would like to be more consistent with my posting. We'll see...

HBM, signing out!

EDIT: Sonic is returning to Smash Bros! MARIO VS SONIC VS MEGAMAN IS NOW A REALITY!