HBM Reviews: Batman: Arkham Origins

"Your enemies will define you"
You guys remember Batman: Arkham Asylum? Yeah, that game is great. But it's sequel, Arkham City, is even better. But what about the new prequel? Let's find out just how good Arkham Origins really is...

The plot this time is that it's quite some time before Arkham Asylum, when Bruce Wayne's been doing the whole Batman thing for about 2 years. After a prison break on Christmas Eve, Batman learns that the crime boss Black Mask has put a $50 Million bounty on his head for the night, and 8 assassins are coming to collect it. So Bats has to take down all the assassins, and find out why Black Mask put out this hit before the end of the night.

The gameplay is similar to Arkham City's, though Batman's fighting style is more aggressive overall. Just like the previous games, you can do whatever you want at your own pace, with sidequests being available whenever. Also, instead of Riddler's Trophies and Riddles, there are Enigma Extortion Packs, Relay Towers, Anarky Tags, and Plinkney Journal Pages to find. You can also unlock Radio Towers so you can fly the Batwing to various places in Gotham City, which is expanded upon from Arkham City. Whenever you want, you can return to the Batcave to change costumes, talk to Alfred, or play Challenge Maps.

There is one more major addition to the game which I really enjoy: the Multiplayer. Basically, it's a 3-vs-3-vs-2 deathmatch between Joker's gang, Bane's gang, and Batman & Robin. When playing as a gang member, the game is a 3rd person shooter, while playing as Batman or Robin is like playing normally. You can customize your gang members and which costumes Batman and Robin wear, and no matter which side you're on, it's really fun to play.

So, how is Arkham Origins compared to it's predecessors? Well, while I really enjoy it, there's just something about it that doesn't feel like an Arkham game, so I can't really compare it to the other two. I'll just treat it as it's own standalone title. Eh.

HBM, signing out.

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