HBM Reviews: The Wonderful 101

"I knew we forgot someone... you."
Alrighty, time to get this blog back on track! Sorry this is late, but check my last post for details.

So, I like games, and I have a Wii U. But there haven't been much games that have made it a must-have. That is, until September 15th, when The Wonderful 101 was released!* And yes, the game is, in fact, wonderful.

This game takes place in some kind of distant future, where an alien army known as GEATHJERK is attacking Earth. To combat GEATHJERK, the United Nations created a secret army known as the Centinels, who command 100 superheroes known as The Wonderful 100. These heroes can combine into weapons for each other to use and are granted their powers through the pendants they wear. However, there's more to this invasion than meets the eye...

The gameplay is basically like Pikmin meets a beat-em-up. You gather heroes and temporary recruits to your team to build up you weapons to be bigger and stronger. You can draw the shape of the weapon on the Gamepad, or use the right control stick. You can also use this for recruiting team members and interacting with certain objects. You basically go through the stage, getting more team members, defeating aliens, and trying to find secrets.

There are 7 main weapons that your team can use, and you gradually gain them over the course of the game. Unite Hand is used to punch enemies, pull levers, and turn switches. Unite Sword is used to slash at enemies and open locks. Unite Gun is a projectile weapon that can be used to hit far-away targets. Unite Whip is used to pull spikes off of enemies/objects and swing from hooks. Unite Hammer is used to crush armor and weak floors. Unite Claw is used to pry things open and climb walls. And Unite Bomb is used to slow down anything within the blast radius, making for some interesting platforming.

In regular Platinum Games fashion, you are graded on you combos, time, and damage taken, then given an overall grade at the end of the level. There are also Bottle-Caps which are like achievements that you can complete to unlock secrets.

The music is really great, with all the tracks fitting really well for each level, dialogue, cutscene, etc. And the bosses are incredible, when you know what to do. Really, my only complaint against this game is the difficulty.

So, in closing, The Wonderful 101 is basically the best game on the Wii U. So go. Buy it. NOW!

HBM, signing out!
*In America. Europe and Japan got it 3 weeks earlier. Assholes.

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