I'm Back! Also, some news...

Hey ho, I have a laptop again! And it only took 2-3 weeks longer than normal! Thanks, school, for briefly removing your head from it's natural habitat; your ass!

So anyway, I'm doing that Wonderful 101 review tomorrow. Yes, it's late, but my home computer is a piece of shit, and the Wii U is insufficient for my blogging needs. :P

Also, I'm just done with Bleach Recaps. I haven't watched it since the end of the Deicide Arc, and I've decided to skip the Reigai arc because I heard it's the most horrendous one. Maybe I'll restart the recaps when the Fullbring Arc starts, but I'm not sure. Anyway, in a few months or so, I'll do another post about the manga.

Oh, and in my absence, Peach and Toon Link were revealed for Smash Bros.

Also, expect a shitload of Top Tens. Just saying.

So, yeah. I'm back, but I'm not sure if this time it'll be permanent. I would like to be more consistent with my posting. We'll see...

HBM, signing out!

EDIT: Sonic is returning to Smash Bros! MARIO VS SONIC VS MEGAMAN IS NOW A REALITY!

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