Nintendo Direct 12/18/2013: My Thoughts

So there was a Nintendo Direct today. And it had so much info that I felt I had to share my thoughts on all that was shared. So here I go.

Super Smash Bros Newcomer: Rosalina Blasts In!

So there was a Nintendo Direct today, and in the video, among other awesomeness, we finally got another Smash Bros newcomer: Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy!

From the looks of the video, she fights by redirecting attacks and summoning her Luma to help attack enemies. Overall, I'm pretty excited to see what Rosalina can do, and I'm pretty damn thankful that they finally revealed another newcomer! I'll post about my thoughts on the Nintendo Direct later today.

HBM, signing out!

HBM's Top Ten Swords in Video Games

Swords have been around for longer than a bunch of other modern weapons, that's for sure. They're also used a lot in video games. And I'm counting down my ten favorite of them in video games. My only rules here are that they have to be from games I've played, and I'm basing this list on the sword's appearance and the abilities it grants.



So, the newest chapter of Bleach was posted today, and it just might be the most amazing thing that's happened in Bleach in a while. You know that luchadore-Quincy, Mask DeMasculine? Apparently, he recently beat the everloving shit out of a bunch of lieutenants, and since he's a luchadore, he has this random little announcer guy named James following him around. Clearly, he is the greatest character since Ulquiorra.

Anyway, it turns out his power is that when anyone cheers him on, he gains a large power boost, allowing him to crush just about anyone. Which is why James constantly follows him around. So, after taking a pummeling from Kensei in the newest chapter, James cheers Mask on, and he makes a comeback. Clearly, this will be a victory for the forces of Mustache.

Mask DeMasculine is now the greatest character to ever be concieved. Also, MaskXJames is OTP. No exceptions.

HBM, signing out.

Okay, obviously I'm joking around, but seriously, Mask DeMasculine is my favorite Vandenreich now. No, Uryu doesn't count.