HBM's Top Ten Games of 2013

2013 ended about a week ago. And that's good, because we have a bunch of great games coming out this year, 2014. But, that doesn't mean 2013 didn't have any good games. Here are my Top Ten of them.

#10: Bioshock Infinite

The original Bioshock is already considered a classic, And Bioshock Infinite as actually about as good as it's predecessor. The visuals are just beautiful, and Elizabeth is one of the best video game characters ever. Just a great game.

#9: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

I don't normally play the Lego games, but the trailers for this one got my attention, and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this game! The sheer amount of Marvel continuity and characters used and referenced in the game, as well as the gameplay, humor, and boss battles, make for an unforgettable experience!

#8: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

The Naruto games tend to be really good, and this one is no exception. This game has the largest roster of all the Naruto games so far, the bosses are amazing as usual, and the visuals are astounding. Bonus points for the Full Burst Add-On, which adds Sage Kabuto as a playable character and boss fight, as well as enhanced visuals and all the previous DLC costumes.

#7: Super Mario 3D World

If you've played Super Mario 3D Land, you either hate it, or consider it alright. That said, who would have expected it to have such an awesome sequel? A whole bunch of new features, up to 4-player co-op using the SMB2 playable characters and abilities (plus a certain unlockable one...), it's just really damn fun.

#6: DmC: Devil May Cry

Shockingly, DmC was highly enjoyable. Before it came out, people jumped to conclusions since Dante looks like a druggie now and it's a reboot and "TEH REBUTTZ ALWEIZ SUXXORZ LOL" but I actually ended up really liking this game. Though I prefer the original series' continuity, DmC really does good at being it's own thing while still being influenced by the original. And that, rather than Dante's hair, is what should matter.

#5: Saints Row IV

You remember how awesome Saints Row the Third was? Well, take that game, make the main character THE FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, add in Superpowers and a Matrix-style premise, and you get Saints Row IV. It's a better superhero game than many other actual superhero game, and you can spend hours having fun playing with the powers and customization. It's an absolutely amazing game.

#4: Fire Emblem: Awakening

I had wanted to get into Fire Emblem for a while. And hey, I couldn't have picked a better game to start with than Fire Emblem: Awakening. It has really good gameplay, great relationship mechanics, a great story, and each playthrough is a totally different experience. Definitely recommend.

#3: The Last of Us

I know I'm going to get crucified for not having this at number 1, and technically, The Last of Us is a much better game than numbers 1 and 2, but this list is based on my enjoyment with the titles, not how legitimately amazing they were. That said, Naughty Dog has certainly outdone themselves with their newest title here, with possibly one of the best, most engaging stories ever made, including in film, TV, and books. And the gameplay, of course, is awesome. Just, if you don't like TLoU, you're not human, plain and simple.

#2: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Considering all the gushing I did about this game for a few months after it came out, you knew it would end up at least high up. Rising has tight gameplay, amazing boss battles, metal-as-fuck music, and DLC worth downloading. Really, what more do you want?!

#1: The Wonderful 101

Yup, it's that... well, wonderful. The Wonderful 101 was the reason most, if not all, of us got a Wii U, and it delivered on all the aspects we were excited about, and more! The devs even said they thought it was so good, they felt it didn't need DLC! Obviously, Wonderful 101 deserves to be Game of the Year, and anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn't deserve breathing privileges.

Well, those are the best games of 2013. Complete fact. No opinion. It's totally true.

HBM, signing out!
*Actually an under-exaggeration.

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