HBM Reviews: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

"Blood is everything"
Do you remember Castlevania: Lords of Shadow? Yeah, one of the most frustrating games I've ever played. It's probably one of the only games I've played where the story was more engaging than the gameplay. However, Lords of Shadow 2 seemed to promise to fix the frustration factor, making a much better game than it's predecessor.. Did it succeed? Well, let's find out. (WARNING: SPOILERS FOR LORDS OF SHADOW)


HBM Reviews: Strider (2014)

So, last week, Strider suddenly came out with little to no promotion, which I only suddenly learned about while surfing the web. So I ended up downloading it the day after. And now, it's time for a review.


Smash Bros: Diddy Kong Returning

Yeah, so, since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze comes out today, Nintendo revealed that Diddy Kong is playable in the new Smash Bros. So that's cool.

As for the Donkey Kong Country game itself, I'm not so sure that I'm going to buy it. I mean, I have Donkey Kong Country Returns, and it's a good game and all, but I just don't know if this one's going to capture my interests. We'll see, though.

HBM, signing out.


HBM's Top Ten Mario Games

I like to talk about video games a lot, in case you couldn't tell. And there's not a more iconic video game character than Mario. Everyone, even people who don't play video games, have at least heard of him. And I'm counting down the Top Ten Mario games today.

The only restrictions are: It has to be a game in one of the Mario series (so no Smash Bros or anything like that) and it has to be an official Nintendo game (so no Kart Fighter). Oh, and my usual bullshit that you should know by now. OKAY, LET'S DO THIS THING!


Super Smash Bros. Newcomer: Little Mac Enters the Ring! (and other things)

A while back, I did a list of the Top Ten (non 3rd-party) Newcomers I would like to see in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS, and at the number one spot, I put Little Mac from Punch-Out. And hey, would you take a look at who just got revealed in today's Nintendo Direct?


HBM's Top Ten Boss Battle Themes

A couple years ago, I put up a list of my Top Ten Boss Themes. Unfortunately, there are just so many awesome boss themes that I ended up revising the list every couple weeks and pulled it from the blog. But now, I think I have a good enough list that I will only have to edit it every couple months or so, like the other lists. So now I'm putting this up again. Keep in mind that I'm not including Final Boss themes or Bonus Boss themes.


Sonic Boom Reaction

So, you know how some time back, Sega announced that there would be a new Sonic cartoon called Sonic Boom? Well, recently, the video game of the show, as well as the official designs of the main cast, have been revealed, and, considering how much the internet is blowing up over this, I feel that I should add my own two cents.

HBM's Top Ten Gamecube Games

Hello, everyone. I recently got Wind Waker HD, and I've just been having a blast reliving this already glorious game IN HD! And that got me to thinking of what the ten greatest Gamecube games are. I still had to do this list anyway since I never did it before the Wii one.