HBM's Top Ten Boss Battle Themes

A couple years ago, I put up a list of my Top Ten Boss Themes. Unfortunately, there are just so many awesome boss themes that I ended up revising the list every couple weeks and pulled it from the blog. But now, I think I have a good enough list that I will only have to edit it every couple months or so, like the other lists. So now I'm putting this up again. Keep in mind that I'm not including Final Boss themes or Bonus Boss themes.

#10: Ridley's Theme (Metroid)

Ridley is one of the most iconic Metroid characters, and a large part of that is his battle theme. Ridley's theme has become just as iconic to the Metroid series as the main theme itself, and anytime you hear this theme start up, you know awesomeness is going to ensue.

#9: The Horde's Festival (Castlevania)

Castlevania's soundtrack is usually more orchestral and grand, but when it's metal, goddamn, is it metal. The Horde's Festival is the best example of this. It's frantic, epic, and like I said, metal.

#8: Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy)

As we all know, Gilgamesh is one of the greatest Final Fantasy characters ever and deserves his own game (get on that shit right now, Square). So clearly, he has one of the greatest battle themes in the series. Not only is it awesome, it also has a fun side, just like the man himself.

#7: Guyzoch Space Pirates (The Wonderful 101)

The Wonderful 101 is my favorite game of 2013 and my current favorite Wii U game. So naturally, it would have some rockin' boss music. Guyzoch Space Pirates plays in the battles with Vorkken and his crew, and always fits the mood perfectly.

#6: Ghirahim Battle Themes (Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

Ghirahim is probably one of my favorite Zelda characters. That said, his boss battles are a lot of fun, as well as having great music. The best variant of his battle theme, however, is the one from the final battle with him. It's more epic and grand, and in the second portion of the battle, even frantic. It's just all awesome.

#5: Violent Encounter (Shadow of the Colossus)

As we all know, Shadow of the Colossus is a great game, and of course, it has great music to go with it. Violent Encounter only plays in a couple boss battles, but it's the best boss theme in the game, making each battle it plays in more intense.

#4: Dragon Battle Theme 1 (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

At first, I thought Skyrim might end up being overrated. However, it has managed to live up to the hype, for once!* Just about everything is what you'd expect it to be. And since you'd expect awesome music when you're fighting a dragon, how about a remix of the main "Dragonborn" theme? Hearing this shit kick in just when you have a dragon on the ropes is just the greatest thing.

#3: The Stains of Time (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

If you remember my Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks list, you remember that Metal Gear Rising was toward the top, and a huge chunk of the reason for that was the boss music. So what's the best (non-final) boss theme in the game? They're all so epic, but Stains of Time, Monsoon's battle theme, was my favorite. It's just so intensely metal that I can't not put it on this list!

#2: You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Xenoblade took quite a while to get to America, but eventually, Nintendo listened to all our whinings at them. And then we discovered this amazing song. MMMMMMMMMMMM!

#1: Boss Battle 1 (Kid Icarus Uprising)

I couldn't not put this theme somewhere on the list. It's epic in both the grand and rockin' kind of way, and it's just so perfect that you can't help but listen for as long as you can! It all makes for what I feel is the greatest (non-final, non-secret) boss battle theme!

So yeah, that's my list. See you next time.

HBM, signing out.
*The only other times this has happened were with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Zelda: Skyward Sword. Go figure.

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