Sonic Boom Reaction

So, you know how some time back, Sega announced that there would be a new Sonic cartoon called Sonic Boom? Well, recently, the video game of the show, as well as the official designs of the main cast, have been revealed, and, considering how much the internet is blowing up over this, I feel that I should add my own two cents.

So, according to what I've heard, the cartoon is supposed to be a wacky comedy. Yeah, okay, that can work, as long as it's not done as poorly as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, which was just "WACKY RANDOM NO PLOT DRUG TRIP YEAH also there's a hedgehog in there somewhere." We'll see how that goes.

When it comes to the video game, I heard it's supposed to be focused on "combat and exploration" and may be similar to Sonic Adventure. You'll be switching between Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy and using their individual powers. So basically, kind of like the Lego games. I'm cool with that.

But then it comes to the redesigns, oh boy, this is where most of the controversy comes from. Let's take a look:

To be honest, Tails and Amy look fine, and actually a little bit cool. But they're not the problem here. Look at Knuckles. Do you see the problem? He's basically the size of Big the Cat here. Also, fans are upset at Sonics limbs being blue now, but eh, he's fine to me. Though I am confused over the overabundance of bandaging.

So my thoughts: everyone's overreacting. The changes aren't as drastic as all the trolls would make you think, and most of the changes are actually alright. Also, if you're worried about this being the new Sonic canon, don't be. Sega has officially said that they will still be making main Sonic games, and that this is more of an Americanized spin-off that might not even come to Japan. I'll probably check out the game when it comes out, can't say for sure about the cartoon. We'll just have to see. Sonic Boom is coming to Cartoon Network in Fall, with the video game presumably coming out sometime before or after.

HBM, signing out.

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