Nintendo Direct 4/30/14: Mario Kart 8

Well, Nintendo really decided to let April go out with a bang this year, huh? Their third Nintendo Direct of the month is dedicated to Mario Kart 8, coming out in exactly one month!

I guess they wanted to do different themes for each Nintendo Direct this month. While the Smash Bros Direct was more straight-forward, and the Tomodachi Life Direct was like a newscast, this one is done with the premise of a guy flipping through Mario Kart-related channels. So there are weird commercial-like segments, like Mario Kart Memories (showing epic fail moments) and History of Mario Kart (showing some of the previous MK games). These range from slightly informative to pointless, and tolerable to annoying. But I'm just giving a brief overview of what stuff was shown, so I'm just ignoring all that.

The final three characters were revealed here: Miis (predictable), Baby Rosalina, and Pink-Gold Peach. Baby Rosalina is self-explanatory, and Pink-Gold Peach is basically a Metal Peach. I'm... not sure that should even be a thing. The four new items are Boomerang Flower (throws a Boomerang up to 3 times, it comes back to you), Potted Piranha Plant (chomps up nearby enemies and hazards), Super Horn (creates a shockwave that damages nearby enemies and destroys nearby hazards), and Crazy Eight (similar to the Lucky Seven from MK7). Kart/Bike customization is also returning, with even more options, and there's a new vehicle type: ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles).

The online mode now has 4 modes: Worldwide, Regional, Friends, and Tournaments. You'll be able to host tournaments whenever you want, customizing all the details, like what date, time, courses, items, etc. You'll also be able to chat on the lobby while you're waiting, both with text and voice chat. Finally, you'll be able to customize your replays and share them on the online mode's Mario Kart TV, as well as Youtube.

Overall, I'm much more excited for Mario Kart 8 after this, considering they're finally giving us new details about the game. It'll be coming out on May 30th, exactly one month from now as I said.

HBM, signing out.

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