Nintendo Direct: Tomodachi Life Reaction

Surprisingly, Nintendo has already released a new Nintendo Direct. It's a short one, about a new game called Tomodachi Life. This game was released in Japan last year, and has done so well that Nintendo is bringing it to other countries.

This game takes place on an island with all kinds of activities to do, but there are no characters at the beginning. That's because you have to import your Miis from your Mii Maker plaza to the game. You can customize them quite a bit, giving them their own names, personalities, and even voices (provided by a text-to-speech program, but still, pretty cool). As you populate the island with more Miis, they begin to interact with each other and do more crazy and silly things, like put on a concert, develop relationships (possibly even love triangles), and have really weird dreams. It's almost like a Sims game, but with Miis!

Overall, I'm fairly interested by this. I've been wanting more kinds of games that focus exclusively on Miis, and this looks like a good step in that direction. Tomodachi Life is coming out on the Nintendo 3DS on June 6th. I know I'm gonna get it.

HBM, signing out.

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