Super Smash Bros Veteran: Ike Confirmed!

So for today's Pic of the Day on the Smash Bros website, we got a veteran reveal. And it was someone I didn't expect to return: Ike!

For this game his outfit has been changed to a more badass design from his second game, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Ike's reveal makes him the 30th playable character revealed so far.

While I am excited that Ike's returning, considering how strong he is in Brawl, this does make me a little concerned. Could this maybe mean that Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening won't join the roster? Or is he an unlockable character? We'll see at a later date. For now, I'm just happy Ike is back. When Smash comes out, it's time for us to fight for our friends.

HBM, signing out.


Dragon Ball Project 2014

So Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods came out back in January, and the general consensus is that it's pretty... "meh." But a new Dragon Ball Z game has just been revealed, currently known only as Dragon Ball Project 2014. Here's the scan showing it's reveal:

Just from this scan, we can't see much, though it does look gorgeous. We can see 4 fight scenes in the screenshots: Goku fighting Vegeta, Super Saiyan Goku firing a Kamehameha at Perfect Form Cell, Super Saiyan Goku punching Full Power Frieza, and another one of Goku fighting Vegeta, with a mysterious new character watching. Nobody knows who this is supposed to be, though he has red spiky hair, a scouter, a scarf, and a jacket just like Trunks', so I would guess it's a custom character, important to the new Story Mode. There are also two stages shown: One that resembles the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and one that seems to be Namek in a caged area.

So, there's not much info on this yet, since it was just announced, but this looks pretty legit. I might update the blog with any news I find on it, but who knows. When it does come out, it'll be on the PS3, PS4, and XBox 360.

HBM, signing out.


Possible Nintendo E3 Leak?

So, I was messing around on the Smash Bros subreddit, when I came across this picture: a possible leak of what Nintendo plans to show at E3.

Now, I'm not 100% certain that this is legit, considering that it lists the new Smash as just a Wii U game on the console category, Hyrule Warriors was supposed to be a tentative title (and the release date is listed as just a couple weeks after E3; I would think we'd have heard more about it if that was the case), and Metroid 3DS and the new Legend of Zelda don't have true titles. But if this does turn out to be legit, then we have reason to be excited. Smash Bros 3DS being released July 18th, Gamecube games coming to Wii U Virtual Console the day E3 starts, Hyrule Warriors coming June 27, Mario Party on Wii U, Metroid on 3DS, new Star Fox, and info on the new Zelda? Hell yes.

Again, we're not sure at the moment if this is legit, and evidence points it it likely being fake. We'll just have to wait and see. We only have about 3 weeks until E3, anyway.

HBM, signing out.


Top Ten Past Stages I Want In The New Smash Bros.

So a while back, in the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that there would be past stages returning for the new Smash Bros. And I've been thinking of which stages I'd like to see return. So here's the Top Ten of them I came up with.


HBM Reviews: Kirby Triple Deluxe

Well, another Kirby game just game out a week and a half ago, and I forgot to post about it until now. Well, that's because it's a Kirby game. And Kirby games are incredibly easy, and practically the same. I mean, don't get me wrong, they're good, they just tend to be way too easy. Really, I don't have much to say here, and that's why this is such a short post.

HBM, signing out.


Super Smash Bros: Newest Trophy - Is it a Possible Confirmation?

So, every week, Monday to Friday, ever since the new Smash Bros was first revealed at last year's E3, Sakurai has been posting one picture a day on Miiverse of both versions of the game, similar to the daily updates of the Brawl website. Today's update is... this.

It's a trophy of Wonder Red from The Wonderful 101. Y'know, that awesome game for the Wii U that came out last year that Nintendo barely marketed? The caption on the picture says "Fight! The Wonderful 100!! We also made trophies of some of the other Wonderful Ones."

Of course, just this simple picture is leading to all sorts of speculation. Could it mean the Wonderful 101 are confirmed to be playable? Are they deconfirmed? Are they getting any kind of representation outside of trophies? Why would Sakurai post this picture out of nowhere? We won't know until Nintendo says anything about it. The only thing that we can know for sure is that Sakurai is trolling us, fans or not.

Personally, I'm hoping for a W101 playable character (either Red or the entire group), and if they won't be playable, I would at least hope for an assist trophy and/or stage. At least we know W101 is getting some kind of representation in the new Smash Bros.

HBM, signing out.