Top Ten Past Stages I Want In The New Smash Bros.

So a while back, in the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that there would be past stages returning for the new Smash Bros. And I've been thinking of which stages I'd like to see return. So here's the Top Ten of them I came up with.

#10. Saffron City (N64) (Deconfirmed)

This is probably the most unique stage in the first Smash Bros. It had Pokemon coming out of the box-like part of the Silph Co building, which made for a more interesting stage hazard than, say, the lava in Planet Zebes. Anyway, if any stage from the original Smash Bros is going to make it in, I would hope it would be this one.

#9. Brinstar Depths (Melee) (Deconfirmed)

This stage was always a favorite of mine in Melee. My sister and I used to constantly take snapshots that made it look like we were attacking Kraid. The constantly changing nature of Brinstar Depths would make a great addition to the new Smash Bros. Plus, when was the last time Kraid made an actual appearance in a game, Metroid Zero Mission?

#8. Castle Siege (Brawl) (Confirmed)

Brawl had no shortage of dynamic stages, but Castle Siege just might have been the most dynamic of them all. It changes between 3 different levels throughout the battle, which is pretty cool, and it looks like we'll be getting at least one stage like that in the new Smash already, so maybe this stage doesn't have much of a chance. But I'd really like to see it return.

#7: Big Blue (Melee) (Deconfirmed)

Big Blue was one of the stages that returned for Brawl, so there is a possibility it won't return. But it's a really fast-paced course, with great music, and I'd love to see it come back.

#6: Yoshi's Island (Melee) (Confirmed)

Another stage that also returned in Brawl. I love this stage, just because it's based on Super Mario World, and has that Mario World music. It would be great to see this return.

#5: Skyworld (Brawl) (Confirmed)

Why should Skyworld be in the new Smash, you ask? Well, the fact that Kid Icarus Uprising came out between Brawl and this is a good reason, right? Yeah.

#4: Green Hill Zone (Brawl) (Confirmed)

At first, I thought this should stay a Brawl stage. But then Sonic was revealed to be returning, so... yeah. Plus, that music.

#3: Luigi's Mansion (Brawl) (Confirmed)

Considering Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon came out just last year, it only makes sense for Luigi's Mansion to appear on the 3DS version, right? Plus, I actually got the first Luigi's Mansion a few months ago and I like it.

#2: Great Bay (Melee) (Deconfirmed)

Since Hyrule Temple was in Brawl, it only makes sense for Great Bay to be in the new game. Especially if they end up revealing a remake of Majora's Mask like everyone's been begging for. Plus, dat music. This would be #1, but... Tingle. Just Tingle.

#1: Poke Floats (Melee) (Deconfirmed)

Poke Floats is one of my favorite stages from Melee, and it would be a crime to not feature it in the new Smash Bros. It's one of the most unique stages, it features Pokemon that have yet to be featured in Smash, and it has great music. Just... put it in.

And those are the ten stages I want to see return most in Smash Bros. I'm going to go back to being bored now.

HBM, signing out.

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