HBM's Top Ten Mario Kart Tracks

Hello, everyone. As we know, Mario Kart 8 came out a few days ago (and my review will be up soon, probably). And it got me thinking about my favorite Mario Kart tracks. So here's my Top Ten of them. Oh, and each track shown will be it's most recent iteration, since some tracks get brought back.

#10: Koopa Cape (Wii)

Koopa Cape seems like a fairly simple stage, and I say it is. But it's also pretty exciting, and a nice factor in that is the music. As you're racing down a river, down a pipe, and through a Goomba-infested cave, that awesome music will be playing away, making this track all the more memorable.

#9: Peach Gardens (DS)

You would think someone like Peach would have a big garden, and this track really shows it off. With hedge mazes, loose Chain Chomps, and that gigantic castle in the background, it really shows how far the Princess's wealth can go.

#8: Electrodrome (8)

When you think Mario Kart, I think it's safe to say you don't think techno, or night club. But Electrodrome manages to successfully bring both those elements into the series. It has huge speakers, neon lights all over, and an overall exciting feel. This is also apparently the stage representing the Koopalings, since they're playable in MK8, which is cool.

#7: Music Park (7)

Music has always been a huge part of video games, and it seems the team behind Mario Kart wanted to celebrate music by making a stage dedicated to it. There are giant keyboards that make music as you drive over them, giant instruments in the background, and even giant musical notes that bounce all over. Again, it's simple, but I really enjoy the little touches about it.

#6: Yoshi Valley (64)

Have you ever thought all the Mario Kart tracks are too straightforward, and there aren't enough branching paths? Well, that's what Yoshi Valley is for! There are so many possibilities for the combinations of paths you can take on this track, that unless you work out the fastest possible paths, no two races will take you down the same paths. A perfect track for if you're looking to mix things up a little.

#5: Cloudtop Cruise (8)

This stage seems to be paying homage to the Airships from Mario 3, while also giving a more cheerful sky theme to the mix. There's even a bit where you're inside a cloud shooting lightning all over, which is cool. Plus, the music is incredibly epic, with a little bit of Gusty Garden Galaxy's theme from Mario Galaxy at the end. And that's awesome.

#4: Mount Wario (8)

There were some tracks in Mario Kart 7 that were broken into sections rather than laps, and there are actually a couple more like that in Mario Kart 8. Mount Wario is one of these tracks, and it is freaking epic. It's like you're riding down a giant ski slope, and it kinda reminds me of the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games series. It also has really cool music that changes with each section of the course. It's just a really cool course.

#3: Wuhu Loop & Maka Wuhu (7)

If you've played Wii Sports Resort, the Wii Fit series, or Pilotwings Resort, you know about Wuhu Island, the island on which those games take place. Well, on MK7, there are two tracks that take place on this island: Wuhu Loop and Maka Wuhu. Wuhu Loop has you drive around the island, while Maka Wuhu takes up the mountain. They're both really fun stages, with the Wii Sports Resort theme playing the whole time making them so much better.

#2: Coconut Mall (Wii)

There are some stages where you love them because of the little things. Coconut Mall is one of those stages for me. I love how you can see Miis all throughout the mall. I love the music. I love the simple nature of the track. Hell, I love the fact that it takes place in a mall! It's such a simple stage, but I love it so damn much.

#1: Waluigi Pinball (DS)

This track is the most amazing Mario Kart track ever, there's no doubt about it. It's basically a giant pinball machine, which is awesome on it's own, but the sound effects are all made 8-bit, and the music is just... OOH! It's godly! It may be somewhat simple, and the end part with all the pinballs and bumpers may be a little annoying, but still, this track is just so great, I have no choice but to put it as my #1 Mario Kart Track!

And that's my list. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go try to contain my hype for E3 by playing more Mario Kart.

HBM, signing out!

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