Super Smash Bros E3 News: Mii, Palutena, and Pac-Man Revealed

Nintendo was hyping Smash Bros for this E3 as their big seller, and I guess that was the case. I mean, Smash was the biggest game there, so... yeah.

Anyway, I'm not here to hype the awesome. Well, actually, I am, but I'm also here to tell you what was revealed today! Now let's get to it!

First of all, there was a brief trailer showing Reggie and Iwata fighting, then going over to Smash Bros to fight. But instead of choosing anyone who had already been revealed, we see them playing as... their Miis! That's right, Miis are playable in Smash Bros!

They come in 3 variations, each counted as a separate character: Brawler (hand-to-hand), Swordfighter (sword), and Gunner (lasers, cannons, guns, etc.). You can also customize their outfits, which Mii you use, and the special moves. Each variation of Mii has 3 possibilities for each special moves, which makes for 12 total moves per Mii, and 36 total. I personally can't wait to play as them!

During that mini-trailer, we also see Iwata put a little action figure of Mario onto his Gamepad, summoning a powerful Mario CPU to defeat Reggie. This is a demonstration of Amiibo, a new feature that will be implemented with Wii U games, starting with Smash. Basically, if you put an Amiibo figure on the Gamepad, it uploads characters and stuff onto the game for you to use, with upgraded stats and stuff. Seems like it might be fun, or it could just be tedious. We'll see in the future.

After that, we got some 3DS footage, showing an Intensity meter just like Kid Icarus Uprising, a map with branching paths, Home Run Contest, the thicknesses of the character outlines, Smash Run, trophies, options, a photo album, sound test, some kind of bomb-launching game similar to Home Run Contest, special move customization, a 9v9v9 team battle screen, tips, some kind of game where you destroy falling objects, fighter records, a betting system, a game kinda like Tin Pin Slammer from The World Ends With You, and the defeat of this game's Master Hand (as well as the 3DS version of Final Destination). The 3DS version's release date is then revealed to be October 3, 2014. To say that's disappointing is an understatement, considering they said in April it'd be out this Summer, but at least it wasn't delayed to 2015, right?

Finally, to end the presentation, we got one last character reveal: Palutena from Kid Icarus!

Palutena's playstyle looks interesting, as she uses her staff, shield magic, and wings to attack, She also uses the powers from KIU, including Heavenly Light, Explosive Flame, Warp, Rocket Jump, Reflect, Auto-Reticle, Jump-Glide, Counter, Superspeed, Angelic Missile, Celestial Fireworks, Lightweight, Black Hole, and Mega Laser. I don't exactly know how all this will fit into her moveset, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Also, this trailer confirms that Antony Del Rio is returning as Pit, and Ali Hillis is returning as Palutena, which is great. The end of the trailer also has Dark Pit show up, possibly hinting at something more...?

Finally, later in the day, the official box arts were revealed for both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game!
Wii U Version

3DS Version

EDIT: And now, at the very end of the day, Nintendo has posted a video, simply titled "Red, Blue, Yellow." It shows Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man, before revealing our third newcomer of the day: Pac-Man!

Yes, seriously. In-game, he usually looks more like his classic artwork, but some moves revert him to the "pizza-with-a-slice-missing" shape. His moves involve him using 8-bit shapes from Namco games to attack enemies, as well as his "wakka-wakka" eating animation, among other things. He even comes with one stage for each version of the game: A sidescrolling town and park on the Wii U version, and the classic Pac-Man Arcade layout on the 3DS version. His Final Smash apparently has him turn giant and eat up all enemies. His playstyle looks interesting, and I can't wait to play him.

ANOTHER EDIT: Sakurai showed up at E3 and showed off how the character customization will work. Basically, each character has 3 variations of each special move, just like the Miis as mentioned earlier. You can customize which specials you want to use for each character. For most of the characters, they're just different variations of moves, but for Miis and Palutena (so far), they get completely different moves. You can also equip items to your characters to boost their stats. In the case of the Miis, this also customizes their appearance.

And that just about covers it for the Smash Bros E3 news. Overall, the best part of E3 for me. I know this has made me much more hyped for Smash.

HBM, signing out!

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