HBM Reviews: Shovel Knight

So, for the past couple years, there's been an Indie game in development that's gotten quite a bit of positive attention. This game is simply known as Shovel Knight, and I've decided to see whether it's lived up to the hype.

The story follows the title character, Shovel Knight. He used to be part of an adventuring duo with his partner, Shield Knight. One day, the went to the mysterious Tower of Fate and found a strange amulet. Suddenly, Shovel Knight was knocked out, and upon regaining consciousness, Shield Knight was missing, and the Tower was sealed. Driven to depression, Shovel Knight exiles himself to try and live in peace. However, soon the evil Enchantress and her Order of no Quarter (made up of eight Knights) take over the land, and it's up to Shovel Knight to stop them once and for all!

The gameplay is basically a mix between Mega Man, Castlevania, Zelda 2, Ducktales, and Mario 3. It's a sidescroller, so you can expect a lot of jumping and stuff. You use your shovel to attack enemies and dick up dirt, blocks, and secret spots in the walls. You can also find gold, which is used as currency, food to regain health, and a merchant who sells you relics (items to help you, like in Castlevania, or Mega Man's powers). The world map opens up as you progress through the game, with gates opening as you clear main stages. There are also a couple villages and side-areas where you can buy health and magic upgrades, upgrades for your shovel, and different suits of armor. There are also a few extra bosses that wander the map, though a couple others can be found in different areas.

Overall, Shovel Knight is a great throwback to the NES days, keeping the game simple, while also being ungodly difficult. It's definitely worth checking out.

HBM, signing out!

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