Smash Bros Newcomer: Shulk Confirmed! (and other things)

Okay, so this week's Smash Bros Pics of the Day were, bad, to say the least. They were all either just menus, or info we already knew. Then, yesterday, Nintendo Japan announced they'd be getting an exclusive 3DS Nintendo Direct, and while some people were excited for a possible newcomer, the rest of us were realistic and expected no such thing from a Japan-exclusive thing.

Well, just goes to show you should expect the unexpected from Sakurai, because we got a newcomer reveal this morning! Now, Xenoblade fans, I'm not into the series, so bear with me here...


Pokken Tournament and Mario Kart 8 DLC

Yesterday, Nintendo dropped some bombshells of news, and I'm here to share my thoughts on them. The first bit of news was the official announcement of a crossover between Pokémon and Tekken, called Pokken Tournament.

It's going to be a Tekken-style Pokémon fighting game. The only characters shown in the trailer are Lucario (who Mega-Evolves at the end) and Machamp, though a leaked image from a while back showed Blaziken as well. Other than that, there's not much info here other than the game is coming to Japanese arcades next year.

This looks like it could be really cool. I'm not really that big into Tekken, but I could see myself getting this. I would think it'll be released internationally on the Wii U at some point.


Smash Bros 3DS Leak: My Thoughts

So, a few days ago, a leaker put up a picture of the supposed "final roster" of Smash Bros 3DS, and, at first, I had thought it was a very well done fake.


I'm On Twitch!

So, guess what? I have a Twitch account now! Every now and then, I'll stream games on there, mostly PS4 ones, so if you want to watch that, click this link.

HBM signing out.


Smash Bros: Meta Knight Returns

Sorry I'm late on this one, it's just been so long since a character reveal that it didn't even cross my mind to update the blog about it. Anyway, Wednesday night, Meta Knight was revealed for Smash 4.

He looks even more detailed and awesome now, and I love the armor on his gloves. Also, apparently his Up-B has been nerfed since gliding is removed. That's basically it.

HBM, signing out.

Top Ten Playable Characters I Wanted in Hyrule Warriors

So, Hyrule Warriors was recently released in Japan, and everyone has been extremely pissed about how only the playable characters that had been revealed prior to the game's release are playable. Obviously, we had all been under the impression that we would be getting much more characters. And here are the ten playable characters, hero or villain, I had wanted.

Now, keep in mind, on the official Japanese Hyrule Warriors Twitter Page, they've said they would "continue to support the game post-release with characters, weapons, and stages," so we're most likely getting DLC, and some characters may end up playable, but this is my list based on the game in it's current form.


Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct: My Reaction


Well, Nintendo recently announced they'd be doing a Nintendo Direct on Hyrule Warriors one August 4th, which was tonight. Did it show enough new things for us? Did it explain things that were unclear? Only one way to find out...