Smash Bros Newcomer: Shulk Confirmed! (and other things)

Okay, so this week's Smash Bros Pics of the Day were, bad, to say the least. They were all either just menus, or info we already knew. Then, yesterday, Nintendo Japan announced they'd be getting an exclusive 3DS Nintendo Direct, and while some people were excited for a possible newcomer, the rest of us were realistic and expected no such thing from a Japan-exclusive thing.

Well, just goes to show you should expect the unexpected from Sakurai, because we got a newcomer reveal this morning! Now, Xenoblade fans, I'm not into the series, so bear with me here...
So, the trailer starts with Bowser in a field, looking for a new fighter, when he's suddenly back-slashed by the new fighter: Shulk from Xenoblade!

He then foresees Marth and Link double-teaming him and counters them. We then see his gameplay. Shulk seems to fight with his blade, apparently called a "Manado," which can extend a laser out of it, and boost various attributes. An alternate costume for Shulk, his underwear, is shown, and his Final Smash has him teaming up with, I guess, his party members to deal massive damage to enemies. The trailer ends with a mysterious shadow telling Shulk he "knew I'd find you here!" I don't know anything about the series, but I'll assume this is a Xenoblade villain.

Anyway, Shulk looks pretty interesting, and I can see myself having a bit of fun with him. We'll see in just 5 weeks (TOO FUCKING LONG).

Also, some updates were made to the website, showing some items, Pokémon, Assist Trophies, and their effects. It's also come to my attention that if you register both Smash 3DS and Smash Wii U on Club Nintendo, you get an exclusive soundtrack CD, which is awesome. I mean, I was already gonna register them for the points, but this just cements it.

Finally, one last thing to note, regarding Shulk's official artwork: It's the exact same as it was in the leaked pictures and videos. So... yeah. I'd say that settles it. Leak is real. We had best prepare ourselves for the Duck Hunt Dog trailer, because that shit will be crazy.

HBM, signing out!

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