Top Ten Playable Characters I Wanted in Hyrule Warriors

So, Hyrule Warriors was recently released in Japan, and everyone has been extremely pissed about how only the playable characters that had been revealed prior to the game's release are playable. Obviously, we had all been under the impression that we would be getting much more characters. And here are the ten playable characters, hero or villain, I had wanted.

Now, keep in mind, on the official Japanese Hyrule Warriors Twitter Page, they've said they would "continue to support the game post-release with characters, weapons, and stages," so we're most likely getting DLC, and some characters may end up playable, but this is my list based on the game in it's current form.

#10: King Bulblin

I know this is kind of a weird choice, but King Bulblin is probably the most recognizable character from Twilight Princess who isn't playable. I mean, yeah, the Bulblin Captains use his appearance, but a playable King Bulblin could make use of his axe and mighty boar-steed. It just makes sense to me.

#9: King of Hyrule

We haven't seen the King of Hyrule do anything significant since Wind Waker, so it would have been cool to have him leading the Hyrule Army alongside his daughter/Princess, Zelda. Who knows how he would have played? Maybe as a more masculine Zelda? A powerful brute? Or even a wise old sage? Anything would be better than the CDi version wondering what's for DINNER.

#8: Happy Mask Salesman

Yes, he's very unsettling, and to be honest, I would be a bit hesitant to play as him considering his mood swings and fucking terrifying angry face. But the Mask Salesman would have probably been one of the more unique characters in the game, utilizing various masks or magic to take down enemies. But what interests me even more than his possible playstyle is what type of role he could have played in the story. A creepy advisor to the heroes? A spy for the villains? Just some random guy who shows up every now and then? The possibilities are endless!

#7: Tetra

Yes, I am aware of how little sense it makes to want a third variation of Zelda in the game, but maybe Tetra could have been treated as just an alternate universe's Zelda? Plus, a pirate style character would surely have some interesting gameplay. Anyway, Tetra probably would have been a neat addition to the cast.

#6: Nabooru

Hey, if 2* of the sages from Ocarina of Time could be playable, why not more? I would imagine Nabooru would use scimitars similar to the Gerudo warriors in Ocarina of Time, though Zant's use of a similar moveset would kinda make that superfluous...

#5: Skull Kid

The one thing we can all agree on is that Hyrule Warriors is severely lacking in playable villains. Skull Kid would have probably had one of the most erratic playstyles, and I'm not even sure how he would have fought. Though I could see his shriek to bring down the Moon being implemented, and maybe Majora's Mask itself could transform him into one of it's other forms for Super Attacks?

#4: Demise

Considering the fact that The Imprisoned is fought in one of the levels, it would have made sense to put in that thing's true form, Demise. Though this game's version of Ganondorf does have Demise's long hair and body frame, his swords kinda resemble Demise's, and he even has the lightning-charged Skyward Strike, so how would Demise have been made more unique?

#3: Malon

If Agitha can be playable, I don't see why Malon can't. I could see her utilizing farm animals, especially Epona, in her movesets, though I can't think of exactly how she would play...

#2: Saria

When Lana's Spear moveset was revealed, everyone started complaining about how that moveset could have gone to Saria. And I agree with that. Plus, Saria is just one of the most adorable video game characters EVER. It's a dang crime she's not in Hyrule Warriors.

#1: Groose

Yes, everyone wanted Nintendo to set the Groose loose, but unfortunately... nope. While I can't think of how he could have worked gameplay-wise, when it comes to story, he could have been another warrior in the Hyrule Army, a rival to Link for Zelda's affections, and over the course of the story, becomes more badass. Y'know, like in Skyward Sword,

So those are the 10 characters I wanted most in Hyrule Warriors. If at least half of them aren't DLC, I'm gonna be pissed.

HBM, signing off.
*Technically 4 because Impa and Zelda, but they're not the OoT versions, so...

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