HBM Reviews: Azure Striker Gunvolt + Mighty Gunvolt

So, a couple weeks ago, a game came right the fuck out of nowhere on the 3DS eShop, and it's called Azure Striker Gunvolt. I hadn't even heard of it before the Nintendo Youtube channel posted the trailer. So, I guess I'm gonna review it now, or something...

So, the story is, in the near future, people with psychic powers, known as Adepts, begin appearing, and the regular populace is scared of them. So this group called Sumeragi starts rounding up the Adepts and putting them in "safehouses," which are just a cover for what is basically concentration camps. So another group called QUILL discovers that, and fights back against Sumeragi to end their tyranny over Adepts. You play as the youngest member of QUILL, known only as Gunvolt, who is an Adept that controls electricity. It's up to you to topple Sumeragi.

So, the gameplay is kinda Megaman-ish, with the platforming and the shooting and the bosses. You have a gun you use to tag enemies you shoot, and an electricity field you use to zap enemies that are tagged, or to slow your descent. However, the electricity thing takes up your energy. There are also skills you learn by leveling up that you can equip that have different effects (powerful attacks, healing, regenerating energy, etc). And you can use items you get from levels, and synth new equipment out of them. Also, there's a jewel in each main level until the last few. Getting all of them and getting an equipment item made out of them gets you the good ending.

As if that wasn't good enough, for the first couple months after release, the game comes with a free game, Mighty Gunvolt. It's kinda like an 8-bit demake of Azure Striker Gunvolt, but with much less stages and more Mega Man Classic. You can also play as Beck from Mighty No. 9 and Ekoro from GunGal. It's alright, just really dang short.

Anyway, Azure Striker Gunvolt came the fuck out of nowhere, and for something I didn't know about until it came out, I really like it. It's a fun Mega-Man throwback, kind of something to hold over those of you waiting for Mighty No. 9. A little pricey ($15), but very fun.

HBM, signing out.

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