HBM Reviews: Bayonetta 2

Do you remember Bayonetta? It was a game from a few years ago that can basically be described as "the female-oriented Devil May Cry, plus sex appeal." Well, it proved popular enough that it got a sequel, though it's a Wii U exclusive due to being funded by Nintendo.* How is it, you may ask? Well, that's why I'm reviewing it.


Super Smash Bros for Wii U 50 Fact Extravaganza

So, on Thursday, Nintendo put up a video showing over 50 things in the Wii U version of the new Smash Bros. I'm not going to go through the whole thing, but we were shown 8-Player battles, new stages, My Music, new modes, extra stuff, a trailer for Bowser Jr, and even the announcement that Mewtwo will be playable as DLC in Spring! I don't want to give it all away, but it was an awesome new Nintendo Direct. It definitely revived the hype for Smash Wii U, at least for me.

HBM, signing out.


Hyrule Warriors DLC: Master Quest Pack

So, on October 16, the first pack of Hyrule Warriors DLC was released, the Master Quest pack. And it has quite a bit of content in it. And I'm going to go over that content.

Oh yeah, somewhat spoilers.


HBM Quick Reviews: Super Smash Bros 3DS

So, the 3DS version of the new Super Smash Bros came out last week, and I've been playing the fuck out of it ever since. So, does it hold up to the hype? Well, Just barely.

It's the same gameplay you should expect if you played previous Smash Bros games, just kinda tweaked to be kinda a mix between Melee and Brawl. There's more characters, new modes, and a shitton of trophies.

Overall, I'd have to say it's a little less than I was expecting, but it's only the 3DS version, so I'll let it slide. We only have about a month and a half until the Wii U version comes out, and I really can't wait.

HBM, signing out.


First Few Episodes Of Gotham: My Impressions

Why yes, I do, thank you for ask- oh, that's not what it says...
So, I just watched the first few episodes of the new Batman TV show, Gotham. Before watching, I wasn't sure whether I would like it, but after watching, I can safely say I'm excited for the rest of the series.


HBM Reviews: Hyrule Warriors

So, Hyrule Warriors came out just last Friday in the USA, after the Japanese got to tease us by getting it a month and a half before us. Was it worth the wait? Well, let's see.