HBM Reviews: Hyrule Warriors

So, Hyrule Warriors came out just last Friday in the USA, after the Japanese got to tease us by getting it a month and a half before us. Was it worth the wait? Well, let's see.

The story is, the Zelda universe's timeline has been guarded by a witch named Cia, and as she protected the timeline, she grew attracted to Link's soul. However, she knew she couldn't have him as long as Zelda was there, and this allowed her to be corrupted by a dark force.* Now on the side of darkness, Cia leads a dark army to take down Hyrule, disrupt the timeline, and take control of the Triforce. But of course, the Hyrulean Army doesn't go down without a fight. And with the help of Link, Zelda, and more, it's time for the biggest war in Zelda history to go down.

This game plays like a combination of Dynasty Warriors and Zelda, with the Warriors gameplay, and the Zelda aesthetic, items, bosses, etc. There are locations that will be familiar to fans, and new locations just for this game. If you've played Dynasty Warriors, this game will feel very natural to you. And if you haven't (like me, sadly), this is a really interesting new way to experience Zelda.

You can play the Story mode (Legend Mode), Free Mode (Story with any playable character), Adventure Mode (a map of challenges to unlock weapons, Heart Containers/Pieces, and characters), and Challenge Mode (Various challenges all within one level). There's quite a bit of diversity in the challenges, and you can even find Gold Skulltulas to get pieces of pictures, which give you rewards once you complete them.

Overall, I really enjoy Hyrule Warriors. The gameplay is fast and awesome, the music is amazing, the graphics are incredible, it's just a great experience. The only thing I feel is lacking is the character selection, which is only 10 heroes and 3 villains, but this will be rectified in upcoming DLC (which I will post about when it all comes out). Until then, Hyrule Warriors is still a really fun game.

HBM, signing out.

*Three guesses who. Seriously, it's a Zelda game, it's really obvious.

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