Hyrule Warriors DLC: Master Quest Pack

So, on October 16, the first pack of Hyrule Warriors DLC was released, the Master Quest pack. And it has quite a bit of content in it. And I'm going to go over that content.

Oh yeah, somewhat spoilers.

Now, the day this DLC was released, a patch went live that allows you to play as the original villains created for this game, Cia, Volga, and Wizzro. So I'll go over how they play first. Cia has 2 alternate costumes, allowing you to play as her without her mask, and without her hat and mask. She uses her scepter as a flail, uses dark magic, and summons Dark Links to help her. Overall, she's really fun to play as. Volga is a really fast, powerful fighter, really good for clearing crowds. And Wizzro is much weaker, but his attacks have range, and he's good at taking down weak point gauges.

Onto the DLC, the first major part of the DLC is a 5 story campaign following Cia's army during the events of the story. The 1st chapter is how she recruited Volga and Wizzro into her army. The 2nd chapter has Wizzro and Volga attacking Hyrule Castle. The 3rd chapter has Cia's army fighting Zant and Midna to recruit Zant. The 4th chapter has her army fighting Ghirahim's forces and the Skyloft army to recruit Ghirahim. The final chapter has Cia's army fighting off Ganondorf's just before the final battle with her. Overall, while the chapters are fairly short, they are fun, and I think it's pretty cool to have even gotten chapters like this in the first place.

The other major part of the DLC is an extra map for Adventure Mode called Master Quest. In this map, challenges have restrictions to make them more interesting, including a 15 minute time limit, one hit taking you down to a quarter-heart of health, no healing, no guarding, and no items. You can find Cia, Volga, and Wizzro's higher-level weapons and Heart Containers and Heart Pieces here, of course, as well as extra Heart Containers for everyone, pallete swaps for everyone, and 20 more Gold Skulltulas. Overall, the extra stuff is nice, but the missions are mostly retreads of the original Adventrue Map missions.

There was also some slightly more minor stuff. The first is a costume for Cia and Lana called the Guardian of Time outfit. It's apparently the outfit they wore prior to being corrupted and split into separate people. It looks like a lighter, more conservative version of Cia's dark outfit, and looks pretty cool.*

The other minor thing is a new weapon for Link: the Horse! With this weapon, Link rides his trusty steed Epona as she stomps and rams through the enemies, with Link slashing with his sword and firing arrows. Her higher level variants are Twilight Princess Epona and Ocarina of Time Epona, and you unlock them randomly instead of from the Master Quest map. She plays really cool, but takes a bit of getting used to.

Overall, this DLC pack is pretty cool. A little repetitive, but pretty big for just a single pack of DLC. It's available for $7.99, or you can buy the Hero of Hyrule pack (Season Pass) for $20 and get a Dark Link outfit. The next pack of DLC, the Twilight Princess pack, is coming this December. I'll be covering that too.

HBM, signing out.
*Plus, when using this costume with Lana, I noticed something... 2 somethings. Yup, since this outfit accentuates her breasts, you can see they're almost as big as Cia's! I just wanted to note this because, with Lana's normal outfit, you don't notice her size...

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