HBM Reviews: Far Cry 4

Well, this came out last week. And why have I waited until now to review it? A combination of Smash Wii U and laziness. Anyway, Far Cry 4 review is now.

So, you play as Ajay Ghale, who goes to Kyrat (a made-up region in the Himalayas) to scatter his mother's ashes, when he's captured by Pagan Min, the dictator-king of the nation who is also a former lover of Ajay's mother. It turns out Min's forces are fighting against a rebel group called the Golden Path, which was founded by Ajay's father. The Golden Path save Ajay, and guide him to take down Pagan's forces.

If you played Far Cry 3, you'll notice the gameplay is pretty much exactly the same. Hunting animals, making syringes, crafting upgrades, all that good stuff. Though there are new stuff, like a grappling hook to climb up walls, and Shangri-La. You access Shangri-La through these scrolls in caves, where you get to see what Kyrat looked like in the past and fight demons with the help of a mystical tiger. Needless to say, Shangri-La is really trippy.

Anyway, that's all I think there is to say about Far Cry 4. It's Far Cry 3, just with more stuff. I say that's good.

HBM, signing out.

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