Super Smash Bros DLC Update: 9/30/15

So, the new Smash Bros update came out today, and we got some DLC with it! I'm gonna be going over the DLC right here.

So, we all knew we were getting the Super Mario Maker stage on the Wii U and 3DS versions, but we also got Pirate Ship, returning from Brawl... as a Wii U exclusive, because the 3DS version doesn't have the swimming mechanic. As compensation, the Wii U's Duck Hunt stage was included in the 3DS's update for free, so that's alright.

The one thing that's annoying about the new stages, at least on the Wii U version is that most of their music is recycled from other stages. All of Pirate Ship's music is on the other Zelda stages, and all but 4 of the Mario Maker tracks are on the other Mario stages. The only new Mario Maker tracks are the original Mario 1 theme, the original Mario World theme, the Mario Maker main theme, and a track that changes to suit the style of the stage (for example, when it's Mario 1 style it's the Mario 1 theme, when it's Mario 3 style it's the Mario 3 theme, etc.). Considering how much other great songs from Mario and Zelda games that aren't already in Smash, this is pretty stupid, but what're ya gonna do?

Of course, we also got a set of Mii costumes. There's a Business Suit for all Mii types, a Fox hat and suit for Gunners, a Toad hat and suit for Brawlers, a Captain Falcon suit for Brawlers (includes the helmet if you haven't unlocked it yet), a Viridi (from Kid Icarus Uprising) wig and suit for Swordfighters, and from Monster Hunter, a Hunter helmet and armor for Swordfighters, and the Rathalos helmet and armor for Swordfighters. These are some pretty cool outfits, but we always get good Mii outfits with the DLC.

Overall, this update was sparse, but serviceable. 2 stages on each platform, and 7 Mii costumes isn't bad. Like I said, the only annoying thing is the recycling of music, but that's a minor thing. Thankfully, this is all fairly cheap, about $9 for one platform, about $14 for both.

HBM, signing out!


HBM News: 9/20/15-9/26/15

Once again, it's time for more news. Unfortunately, this week was kinda slow when it comes to video game stuff, so there's not much for me to cover here. There will be weeks like this with little news, and we're just going to have to deal with it. Anyway, onto the news.


HBM's Top Ten GBA Games

It's finally time for me to do another Top Ten! Since I'e already done DS games, here I'm doing Game Boy Advance games. Like always, I'm only covering games that aren't remakes/re-releases, and it's just my opinion. Plus, I haven't played every GBA game out there, so surely, some great games won't be on the last. Anyway, let's get on with it.


HBM News: 9/13/15-9/19/15

Well, another week has passed, so it's time for me to cover recent video game news. However, unlike last week, I'm not talking about games I've recently been playing, because the only ones I have been playing have been covered in previous posts. So if I'm playing a game covered in a previous post, that's exempt from being featured in these posts. Anyway, onto the news.


HBM Reviews: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

"Kaz... I'm already a demon."
The Metal Gear series has been going strong for nearly 30 years. The original games on the MSX2 and NES were moderate hits, but the series didn't really take off until Metal Gear Solid on the PS1. Ever since then, the series has been major hit after major hit, but ever since Metal Gear Solid 3 or so, the man behind it all, Hideo Kojima, has been wanting to retire from the series and work on other things. This year, he got his wish, when Konami broke off relations with Kojima Productions, taking the rights to the Metal Gear series with them. And that's when Konami went full asshole.

As soon as this was announced, Konami began removing Kojima's name from all the MGSV promotional material, including the box art. When people complained, they apologized and put Kojima's name back on the game... only to remove it again a month later, permanently. So be sure to remember that the Metal Gear series, up to this point, was created by Hideo Kojima, an absolutely amazing man.

Anyway, Metal Gear Solid V is the most recent entry into this amazing series. The prologue, Ground Zeroes, was released last year, and while it had the great gameplay of this main portion, it was so short and had so little content that people were greatly upset. However, considering how much bigger this game is compared to Ground Zeroes, Phantom Pain has to be much better, and more pleasing to the fans, right? Well, let's find out.

As usual, I'll be assuming you're familiar with the games I'm reviewing, and the ones that came before. This is your only warning: there are spoilers in this review for Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes, and Phantom Pain. Of course, I won't let that stop you from reading on.


HBM News: 9/5/15-9/12/15

Now that I'm back, I want to update more frequently, and what better way than to sum up news that has interested me this week? This will be news that pertains to video games, anime, movies, whatever I care about. Also, if I've started playing a game that I don't think I'll review (or a re-release of some kind), I'll cover my thoughts on it in these posts. Anyway, onto this week's news!



Back in the mid-late 2000s, there was a very popular fan-made series on Newgrounds called Super Mario Bros Z. It was a Mario/Sonic crossover with Dragon Ball Z style battles and plot. It started off fairly decent, but by episodes 3 and 4, the animation and battles were absolutely amazing. The creator, AlvinEarthworm, even had plans to do 3 seasons, with 15 episodes each, and even a movie-length episode or 2, However, the longer the episodes became, the longer it took him to make them, and the longer it took him to make episodes, the more impatient the fans became. Eventually, because of a combination of these circumstances and a monotonous day job, AlvinEarthworm canceled the series in 2012.

However, now he's unemployed, and ready and willing to reboot the series from the ground up! In fact. he's even posted a new anime-style intro!

Just from this intro, it looks like AlvinEarthworm has only gotten better at spriting and animating. He's said that he hopes to clean up some of the dialogue and battle scenes, as well as shortening/removing tedious and boring parts of the story. As a huge fan of this series, I'm hyped as all hell. I'll be posting about each episode of the reboot as it comes out, and Alvin has said he hopes to have Episode 1 out soon, so hopefully I'll be posting about it soon. To satiate your appetite for this series, you can always watch the original 9 episodes on AlvinEarthworm's Newgrounds page, or various people have posted them on Youtube.

HBM, signing out!


HBM's Impressions: Games I've Gotten Since My Last Review

Hello, everyone. I know I haven't posted since E3, but now, I'm starting my 2nd year of college, so I'm gonna have a bit more extra time on my hands, and because of that I'm back! I will be blogging more frequently from now on, and as a bonus, once a week, I'll do a post on general video game/anime/whatever news (though not this week, because still lazy)!

Now, onto the topic at hand, I haven't reviewed a game since Super Smash Bros for Wii U, and that last handful of reviews, I got lazy and did as little as possible. But now, I'll be doing more detail on my reviews, and you'll notice that when I get back to reviewing stuff (taking a break for the time being).

But anyway, I've gotten 22 games since that last review, and I'm going to be summing up my thoughts on those games in a paragraph, each. Not all of these games are from this year, but some of them are. Anyway, here we go!