HBM's Impressions: Games I've Gotten Since My Last Review

Hello, everyone. I know I haven't posted since E3, but now, I'm starting my 2nd year of college, so I'm gonna have a bit more extra time on my hands, and because of that I'm back! I will be blogging more frequently from now on, and as a bonus, once a week, I'll do a post on general video game/anime/whatever news (though not this week, because still lazy)!

Now, onto the topic at hand, I haven't reviewed a game since Super Smash Bros for Wii U, and that last handful of reviews, I got lazy and did as little as possible. But now, I'll be doing more detail on my reviews, and you'll notice that when I get back to reviewing stuff (taking a break for the time being).

But anyway, I've gotten 22 games since that last review, and I'm going to be summing up my thoughts on those games in a paragraph, each. Not all of these games are from this year, but some of them are. Anyway, here we go!

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Wii U, New 3DS, PS4, PSVita, XBOne, PC): The remake of Edmund McMillen's popular Zelda-esque flash game. This game is creepy, crawly, spooky, scary, and a lot of fun. There's a huge amount of items, each time you play is different due to randomly generated dungeons, and there's plenty of unlockables. And with the Afterbirth DLC in development, I'd definitely recommend either getting this game, or preordering the Afterbirth edition.

Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix (PS3): The follow-up to Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMix, containing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and the cinematics for re:coded. KHII and Birth by Sleep are the two best KH games, and now they're better, with more bosses, weapons, cutscenes, etc. The re:coded cutscenes are... sub-par. The voice acting isn't great, and to be honest, the best part of re:coded was it's gameplay, the story was just boring. Of course, this collection is worth it for the Final Mixes, which are just awesome.

Destiny (PS3, PS4, XB360, XBOne): The first-person MMORPG that's taken the gaming world by storm. And my response: ...it's okay. I mean, don't get me wrong, the gameplay is great, but there's just... so little to the story. Most of the experience seems to be in the multiplayer (which PS4 players like me can't play unless we're Playstation Plus users), and the DLC is just so expensive. If there was more to the story, maybe I'd enjoy it more, but until I get the DLC, it's just... okay.

Your Destiny... is to be replaced by Nolan North...
Sorry, Peter Dinklage.
Fallout: New Vegas (PS3, XB360, PC): Fallout is basically the post-apocalyptic FPS version of The Elder Scrolls, so does that make Fallout: New Vegas the FPS equivalent to Skyrim? ...Not really. I mean, it's a decent FPS/RPG hybrid, but it just seems smaller and less fun. I dunno, somehow it just worked better in a medieval setting.

Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes (Wii, Wii U, DS, PS3, PSVita, XB360, PC): So, if you remember my Top Ten Games of 2013, I put Lego Marvel Super Heroes on there. So I had hoped that, based on that game, the DC equivalent would be just as good. It turns out... it's merely okay. I mean, it's very similar to the Marvel one, but during the story, you can only really play as Batman, Robin, and Superman, until the Final Boss, that is. I heard Lego Batman 3 is better, so I could check that out for a better experience, I guess.

Saints Row the Third (PS3, XB360, PC): Oh hey, it's Grand Theft Auto on all the drugs! There's the cars and guns, of course, but then there's giant purple dildo bats and a character customizer that allows you to increase the size, and jiggliness, of your sexiest assets. You can throw yourself into traffic to collect insurance money, and if you want, you can go completely naked! It's just an insane bunch of awesomeness!

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii, New 3DS): Since Shulk got into Smash Bros, interest in Xenoblade has skyrocketed, so of course, I got it for Christmas. And it's amazing! It has one of the biggest game worlds in history, the story is compelling, the all-British voice cast is kinda fresh, and the combat is pretty unique for an RPG, as far as I'm concerned! I'd say, if you own a Wii or New 3DS, pick this game up, ASAP.

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (Wii U, PS3, XB360): I had heard really good things about the anime Fist of the North Star, and wanted to experience it for myself. I had also heard the best way to get the full story was with this game, so I got it and... wow. It's a Dynasty Warriors style game, so that's always good, and the story ended up being pretty damn good too. The only real issues are the lack of English voice acting (though there are subtitles), and being download-only for PS3 and Wii U, but those are minor things. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to get into this series.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (3DS): I once had a Gamecube Collectors disc that came with the NES and N64 Zelda games, but I got rid of it because Majora's Mask scared the shit out of me, and I've regretted it ever since. Now that I'm older, and graphics have been made better, I can finally play this game. And it turns out, I list it as the 3rd or 4th best Zelda. It's like Ocarina of Time, but with masks, time limits, a shit-ton of sidequests, and a freaky-ass moon. I honestly love it.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS3, PS4, XB360, XBOne, PC): So, this is the Dragon Ball Z game that everyone was hyped for, what with the character customization, and somewhat original story. This should be the best DBZ game ever, right?! ...Well, not really. I mean, it's the best looking DBZ game, but the gameplay is muddled with various issues, and there's RNG bullshit to deal with when it comes to getting anything... it's a good game, but not the best DBZ one.

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD (PS4, XBOne, PC): Back in 2005 or so, Square-Enix announced Fabula Nova Crystallis, a series of Final Fantasy games with similar ideas and themes. Final Fantasy Type-0 was one of those games, but wasn't released worldwide until the HD release. And it turns out... it's merely okay. I mean, the gameplay takes some getting used to, and the voice acting is... just bad, but overall, it's not as bad as the FFXIII trilogy... *shudders*

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae (PS4, XBOne): Originally known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV has spent over a decade in development, and it only just recently got a playable demo, bundled with Type-0 HD. The graphics and voice acting are amazing (though Noctis sounds too deep), the gameplay's pretty good, overall, it looks like the full game will be pretty awesome. The full game is gonna be coming out sometime next year.

Infamous First Light (PS4): A prequel to Infamous: Second Son, where you learn the backstory of Fetch, the Neon Conduit. There's also some challenge/survival things you can do for high scores. Basically, it's like if the only power you could use in Second Son was Neon, but with a few more abilities. It's not bad, but probably the 2nd weakest Infamous game (behind Infamous: Festival of Blood).

Mortal Kombat X (PS4, XBOne, PC): I bet you thought we'd be getting an MK9-esque retelling of MK4, Deadly Alliance, Deception, and maybe Armageddon, like I was. Well, instead we get an all new story, which I'm honestly fine with. The new characters are pretty cool, the gameplay is like MK9 and Injustice combined, and the new Fatalities are just astounding. And now there's rumors that there'll be a second DLC season pass! The kombat is going strong!

Tales of Symphonia (GC, PS3): I got the HD version that also came with the sequel, but I haven't played that one yet. Anyway, I had wanted to get into the Tales series for a while, but since there's no PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia outside of Japan for ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING REASON, I figured I'd get the other one I wanted, Tales of Symphonia. I had heard it was one of the best RPGs ever and... It's okay, I guess. It's nothing really special.

Splatoon (Wii U): Oh hey, Nintendo's actually made a new kind of game without slapping Mario on it! Splatoon is the ink-based shooter they've been hyping up for the past year or so, and it's fairly good. It has a decent single-player mode, creative gameplay, good character customization, and constant updates with new stuff. It's pretty solid, but kinda lacking in content.

Y'all gonna clean that up, right?
Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4, XBOne, PC): The Arkham series has been damn great since the first game, and Arkham Knight is no exception. The gameplay has been evolved and expanded from the previous games, and now the Batmobile is a playable feature, and is pretty damn cool. The Scarecrow has gathered the various villains of Gotham City to mess up the city, and defeat Batman, but Bats ain't going down without a fight! So far, the best game of the year, though the Batmobile is used just a bit too much.

Ultimate NES Remix (3DS): The NES Remix games on the Wii U are a collection of minigames based on snippets of gameplay from NES games. Ultimate NES Remix takes the most popular games from those and puts them together. It's good for a challenge, and there's a mode where you have to beat the original Super Mario Bros as fast as you can, at double speed. It's alright for passing the time, but there are better games out there.

J Stars Victory Vs + (PS3, PSVita, PS4): Shonen Jump celebrated it's 45th anniversary last year, so Japan got a fighting game based on Shonen Jump's most popular series, and now that game has come to America! There's all kinds of anime, from Dragon Ball and Naruto, to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Fist of the North Star. The gameplay is fairly good, though occasionally unfair, and exclusive to this version is an Arcade Mode. For any anime fan, I'd definitely recommend this.

Godzilla (PS3, PS4): So, you know how there was a new Godzilla movie last year? Well, now there's a new Godzilla game! You rampage as the various monsters, and fight other monsters and mechs. The more you play as a monster, the more you can level them up, and the bigger they can get! It's pretty good, but takes some getting used to.

Roundabout (PS4, PSVita, XBOne, PC): A revolving limo... it sounds like the stupidest thing ever... and it is. But that doesn't make it any less fun! The cutscenes and voice acting are all deliberately done in a cheesy 80s-B-Movie style, It's actually a pretty challenging puzzle game, since you have to steer in weird ways to avoid hitting stuff. It's worth checking out, just for the laughs.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (PS3): I recently got into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and I'd say it's my favorite anime now. And wouldn't you know it, they came out with a fighting game based on it a couple years ago! It's like Street Fighter or Tekken, with a JoJo twist. All 8 parts of the series are represented, there's quite a bit of DLC, and it is a bit expensive, but for a JoJo fan like me,, it's worth it.

So, those are the games I've gotten since my Smash Bros review, and my thoughts on them. Now I'm back, and not going anytime soon! I'm currently playing MGSV, and will review that once I beat the story. Like I said before, video game news will begin to be covered every week... next week.

HBM signing out.

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