Back in the mid-late 2000s, there was a very popular fan-made series on Newgrounds called Super Mario Bros Z. It was a Mario/Sonic crossover with Dragon Ball Z style battles and plot. It started off fairly decent, but by episodes 3 and 4, the animation and battles were absolutely amazing. The creator, AlvinEarthworm, even had plans to do 3 seasons, with 15 episodes each, and even a movie-length episode or 2, However, the longer the episodes became, the longer it took him to make them, and the longer it took him to make episodes, the more impatient the fans became. Eventually, because of a combination of these circumstances and a monotonous day job, AlvinEarthworm canceled the series in 2012.

However, now he's unemployed, and ready and willing to reboot the series from the ground up! In fact. he's even posted a new anime-style intro!

Just from this intro, it looks like AlvinEarthworm has only gotten better at spriting and animating. He's said that he hopes to clean up some of the dialogue and battle scenes, as well as shortening/removing tedious and boring parts of the story. As a huge fan of this series, I'm hyped as all hell. I'll be posting about each episode of the reboot as it comes out, and Alvin has said he hopes to have Episode 1 out soon, so hopefully I'll be posting about it soon. To satiate your appetite for this series, you can always watch the original 9 episodes on AlvinEarthworm's Newgrounds page, or various people have posted them on Youtube.

HBM, signing out!

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