Super Smash Bros DLC Update: 9/30/15

So, the new Smash Bros update came out today, and we got some DLC with it! I'm gonna be going over the DLC right here.

So, we all knew we were getting the Super Mario Maker stage on the Wii U and 3DS versions, but we also got Pirate Ship, returning from Brawl... as a Wii U exclusive, because the 3DS version doesn't have the swimming mechanic. As compensation, the Wii U's Duck Hunt stage was included in the 3DS's update for free, so that's alright.

The one thing that's annoying about the new stages, at least on the Wii U version is that most of their music is recycled from other stages. All of Pirate Ship's music is on the other Zelda stages, and all but 4 of the Mario Maker tracks are on the other Mario stages. The only new Mario Maker tracks are the original Mario 1 theme, the original Mario World theme, the Mario Maker main theme, and a track that changes to suit the style of the stage (for example, when it's Mario 1 style it's the Mario 1 theme, when it's Mario 3 style it's the Mario 3 theme, etc.). Considering how much other great songs from Mario and Zelda games that aren't already in Smash, this is pretty stupid, but what're ya gonna do?

Of course, we also got a set of Mii costumes. There's a Business Suit for all Mii types, a Fox hat and suit for Gunners, a Toad hat and suit for Brawlers, a Captain Falcon suit for Brawlers (includes the helmet if you haven't unlocked it yet), a Viridi (from Kid Icarus Uprising) wig and suit for Swordfighters, and from Monster Hunter, a Hunter helmet and armor for Swordfighters, and the Rathalos helmet and armor for Swordfighters. These are some pretty cool outfits, but we always get good Mii outfits with the DLC.

Overall, this update was sparse, but serviceable. 2 stages on each platform, and 7 Mii costumes isn't bad. Like I said, the only annoying thing is the recycling of music, but that's a minor thing. Thankfully, this is all fairly cheap, about $9 for one platform, about $14 for both.

HBM, signing out!

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