HBM News: 10/4/15-10/10/15

Well, there was a bit more news this week than last week, so that's cool. Anyway, let's get to it.
Hyrule Warriors Legends: We got another character confirmation this week: Skull Kid is finally playable. He uses an ocarina to control his fairy friends, and can use dark energy to attack enemies. We also got a new boss: Phantom Ganon. He's in his Wind Waker design, has two swords, and uses the classic "tennis" tactic to fight you. So that's all pretty cool.

Metal Gear Online: This was finally released on consoles this Tuesday. You get up to three character slots (the first is your avatar from the story mode), as you level up you get new weapons and money to spend on gear, and there are three types of matches: basically, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and a variation on Team Fortress 2's Capture the Briefcase. It's all fairly cool, but for PS4 players, like me, you have to have a PSPlus membership to play it, so that's annoying.

Project X Zone 2: A bunch of new enemies have been confirmed. While T-elos from Xenosaga is returning as an enemy, we also have M. Bison from Street Fighter, Metal Face from Xenoblade, Pyron from Darkstalkers, Black Hayato from Star Gladiator, and Ranmaru from Sakura Wars V confirmed as enemies. Some cutscene-only characters have also been confirmed: Ada Wong from Resident Evil, Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney, Tiki from Fire Emblem, Garigliano from Resonance of Fate, and Tarosuke from Yokai Dochuki.

Street Fighter V: Last week, the new character Laura was accidentally leaked through screenshots from Famitsu. This week, her trailer dropped... but it was leaked a day early. Anyway, Laura looks pretty cool, being a grappler with electric powers. Also, her last name is Matsuda, the same as Street Fighter 3's Sean, so they're apparently related, so... that's a thing.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Oh hey, I'm posting about movies here for once! So, the Ant-Man movie came out this year, and it's done so well that a sequel has already been announced: Ant-Man and The Wasp, coming July 16, 2018. All movies that were coming after that date have been slightly delayed to accommodate. Also, three mystery movies have been announced for release throughout 2020. So that's all pretty cool.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS: We may have possibly gotten a leak as to 2 upcoming characters. On the official amiibo website, in the list of games the Chibi-Robo amiibo is compatible with, it list Smash Wii U. And on the list of amiibo you can use with Smash Wii U, the upcoming Shovel Knight amiibo is listed. So these two may be DLC characters for Smash, inadvertently leaked by Nintendo themselves! Of course, it could have just been an error in general and completely false. Only time will tell.

Now, onto the games I've played this week.

Dark Souls: I traded in some games this week, and with the credit, I bought this game. And I've gotta say... Dark Souls is pretty goddamn awful. It's completely luck-based bullshit and I just don;t have the patience for that. The beginning of the game was kinda promising, but once I got the the more open-world part, it just turned to shit. I got a refund though, and with that, I bought...

Dead Space: Clearly, this is the game I should have gotten in the first place. It's a shooter with space/alien zombies, and you have limited resources, like Resident Evil. Unlike Resident Evil, this has controls that actually make sense, and the mechanic of shooting of limbs to kill enemies is pretty cool. I now want to get Dead Space 2 after this...

So, that's this week's news. I'll be back with more soon.

HBM, signing out.

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