HBM News: 10/25/15-10/31/15

Happy Halloween... though it's technically a little while after Halloween, but WHATEVER, GET SPOOKY! Anyway, time for more news yet again. Once more, there's little news this week, but, uh... let's get on with it. In the non-sexual way.

Super Mario Maker: There's an update coming out on Tuesday that's adding a couple new features. They're adding checkpoints (FINALLY), event levels, official-made levels, and extra Mystery Mushroom costumes. Still no slopes, though.

Street Fighter V: Quite a few things have been confirmed. First of all, the final returning character in the base game is Dhalsim. He has a turban, a beard, and some new moves (he can float, breathe fire upward, and make a small floor of fire). The release date has been confirmed as February 16th, and we now know there will be 6 DLC characters being released in the first year of the game's release. So, that's all pretty cool.

Nintendo: A couple things happened with Nintendo this week. They've confirmed we're getting a Nintendo Direct this year, so thankfully, they managed to remember that those are a thing. They've also revealed the replacement for Club Nintendo: the Nintendo Account service. Basically, you can connect your consoles, smartphones, computers, etc. to download software right from the computer, receive exclusive gifts, a new point system, and connect with your friends.

Pokken Tournament: A new character has been added to the game: Dark Mewtwo. He's basically a secret boss, ultra-powerful version of Mewtwo, similar to Akuma in Street Fighter. That's all there is to say about that.

And now, I've decided to stop with the "game's I've recently been playing" part of the news, because you most likely don't care... and aslo because, when the JoJo Part 4 anime starts, I'll be recapping that, just like I did with Bleach.

HBM, signing out.

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